September 27, 2023

Del Rey has announced an all-new tie-in story to accompany the new anime series Star Wars: Visions

Fans are looking forward to a bold new chapter in the franchise’s history when Star Wars: Visions releases on Disney Plus. The new anime series is a massive departure from the franchise as we know it; something we have never experienced before.  And eager to expand upon the lore of the series, Del Rey has today announced an all-new tie-in novel.

Star Wars Visions Logo

Promising to be a Star Wars novel “quite unlike anything before it.Star Wars Visions: Ronin will be written by Emma Mieko Candon.


This is welcome news. Visions sound like it’s going to be a bold and exciting new chapter for the franchise. The series will release on Disney Plus on October 12th. And what better way to celebrate its launch than with a new creative take on the series. The anthology collection will bring 10 fantastic visions from several of the leading Japanese anime studios, offering a fresh and diverse cultural perspective on the galaxy far, far away.

Exciting times ahead in the galaxy far, far away.

Source: Del Rey


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