Ron Livingston Joins The Flash

Ron Livingston will replace Billy Crudup as Henry Allen in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie

Ron Livingston is stepping in to replace Billy Crudup as Henry Allen in The Flash. Crudup has been attached to the role since his debut in Justice League. But scheduling conflicts forced him to exit the project and Warner Bros. has wasted little time in naming his replacement.

Ron Livingston

Variety is reporting that Ron Livingston will now assume parental responsibility for Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. The Boardwalk Empire alumni will now slip into Allen’s prisoner fatigues and hold on for dear life; because the plot features Barry altering history and preventing his mother’s murder.

The Flash Concept Art


In related news, Ian Loh has joined the cast as young Barry Allen, with Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Rudy Mancuso signing on for unknown roles. Maribel Verdú will also be joining the cast as Barry’s mother, with Kiersey Clemons reprising her role as Iris West. Sasha Calle will be making her DCEU debut as Supergirl, with both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton reprising their roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Although, in recent weeks Keaton has cast doubt over his involvement due to COVID concerns.

Michael Keaton - Batman Returns

The actor has voiced his concerns about traveling to the UK to film when the pandemic is still in full swing. Even though, the UK is well ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to a vaccination program. However, with a third wave rearing its ugly head in Europe, Keaton is hesitant to put his health on the line and is understandably reluctant to travel.

Batman Returns - Michael Keaton

Hopefully, these issues will soon be rectified leaving Keaton free to make a sensational return to his most iconic role. As soon as we hear more we’ll update the post. Until then, Andy Muschietti’s The Flash will speed into theatres on November 4th, 2022.

Source: Variety


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