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Star Wars: The Bad Batch | SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!

Max checks out the awesome new trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch and shares his excitement for new adventures with Clone Force 99

Ever since it was announced last February, I have been waiting with bated breath for the animated original Star Wars series, The Bad Batch. It is a story about the 5 genetically mutated supersoldier clones (who were first introduced at the end of The Clone Wars), Clone Force 99, as they navigate the galaxy post-Clone Wars.

Star Wars The Bad Batch


Today, a new trailer has dropped as we are a little more than a month away from the release date on Disney+. The trailer isn’t very long but it unpacks quite a lot and I am salivating at the mouth. I LOVED that Tarkin appears to be the team’s handler and is mysteriously collaborating with the Kaminoans in this venture. Does he perhaps take an interest in their advanced cloning tech? Is it possible, this relationship does not end well for the Kaminoans since they are nowhere to be found during the Original Trilogy and the clone army has been phased out in favor of less experienced non-clone recruits?

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The trailer showcases all of the clones with their various special skills. And it even looks that Echo is sporting a new Lobot-Esque headgear cybernetic piece. We don’t get to see much of Fennec Shand which is disappointing. But we are introduced to a mysterious new character, presumably, a juvenile clone who appears to be Clone Force 99’s “biggest” fan.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Key Art Poster


Is he a modified clone as well, and will become the sixth member of the team? Only time will tell. Some other pieces of eye candy in this fast succession of images are something that looks like Jakku. And something that resembles a Zillo Beast. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! Also, it appears that Clone Force 99 does not remain under the allegiance of the Empire for long. Yikes!

The trailer is available on our site and Star Wars: The Bad Batch streams exclusively on Disney+ May 4th, 12 am/3 am. I will of course be reviewing the series. Don’t miss your mark!


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