December 4, 2023

Prime 1 Studio has unveiled an incredibly detailed new Godzilla bust from Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs Kong

With excitement for GODZILLA vs KONG reaching its peak, Prime 1 Studio has upped the ante with their latest reveal. Today they have unveiled a breathtaking new Godzilla bust based on his appearance in Adam Wingard’s Monsterverse bonanza.

In the movie, a rampaging Godzilla faces off against his greatest adversary in the Eighth Wonder Of The World; in a showdown decades in the making. And Prime 1’s blissful statue captures the ferocity between the duo perfectly. The polystone bust stands at 30″ tall and comes with a Hollow Earth Temple-themed base. What’s more, it features a wealth of light-up LED features. The light-up areas include Godzilla’s eyes, his dorsal fins, and the lava on the display base.


Prime 1 Studio is unbelievably proud to present the first salvo in the epic war between Titans: GODZILLA from Godzilla vs Kong!

With our 30-inch-tall Godzilla Bust offering, we have meticulously scaled Godzilla down to the size of a human person, but his breathtaking awesomeness and frightening power remain FULL-SIZED!

Our Prime 1 Studio sculptors have labored tirelessly to bring every detail of Godzilla’s visage to life. We have faithfully recreated Godzilla’s ancient carapace, his wizened eyes and his menacing snarl. Our painters have taken care to reproduce Godzilla’s coloring inside and out, skillfully creating a cool dorsal fin rendering that pulls double-duty!

Godzilla’s bust sits proudly on a Hollow Earth Underwater City-themed base. Marvel at the amazing details we have packed into this platform: yet another Godzilla standing within the ruins of his Hollow Earth home, minute details that explain how the long-deserted city may have worshipped Godzilla as not only a god, but also a resident! And with the press of a switch, enter a new dimension of coolness when Godzilla’s eyes and dorsal fins light up with incredible nuclear power while the lava in front of the base begins to glow!

Take sides now by ordering this incredible Godzilla Bust, because before you know it, another Titan will be available for pre-order to you soon. Have them both for an incredible head-to-head combat spectacle! You don’t want to miss this out!


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And if that isn’t enough to have you roaring with delight, Prime 1 has also confirmed that a bust of Kong is also heading our way soon.

Godzilla vs Kong Kong Bust Preview


Pre-orders go live on Wednesday, March 31st at 3:00 PM Japan Time. If you’re looking to add this exceptional statue to your collection, it will set you back $1,599.

Godzilla vs Kong releases in the United States tomorrow and the UK on April 1st.

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