September 27, 2023
Godzilla vs Kong

Playing as Kong or Godzilla would be epic. So why aren’t we getting a Godzilla vs Kong movie tie-in game?

Imagine playing as a rampaging kaiju in a Godzilla vs Kong game!

What happened to the days where super-hero/sci-fi action movies always released with an accompanying video game. Today, Godzilla vs Kong arrives on HBO Max and I sadly cannot review it. I don’t have HBO Max and will not get it for some time. Ugh. Anyway, back to the Monsterverse. This movie is the third and possibly final installment in the Monsterverse series. And I remember a care-free time before COVID where I saw Gareth Edward’s opening installment in the theaters.

Godzilla vs Kong Featured

It was 2014 and the movie was pretty fun. Not the best plot but it made up for it with monsters beating the crud out of each other. Yet, there was no game released for any console in that year. No game tie-in for King of the Monsters and now Godzilla vs Kong does not have one as well. I don’t understand why they stopped doing this. Playing as these kaiju would be epic and Godzilla games have always done very well.


Much like the iPod, this trend has vanished and I am not happy. Is it because the industries have less money or less faith in their franchises? We’ll never know and I hate the fact that it’s over.

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