September 27, 2023

The April Disney nuiMOs collection has arrived at ShopDisney and Darcie is on hand with her top fashion tips for the Winnie The Pooh Collection

April’s collection may have been a little late this month, releasing on the 5th rather than the 1st, but it is just as cute. This month’s collection gives us nine new outfits, however, the theme of this collection is a little muddled which is a shame. But the big additions to the growing nuiMO collection, this month are Winnie-The-Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. They join the existing characters meaning you can now pick between twelve nuiMOs to dress up in whatever outfit you like.

Disney nuiMo's Winnie The Pooh Collection

Vintage and Dress Shop Collection

This month’s collection was titled the vintage and dress shop collection. I expected this collection to feature some great looks from the 20s to the 90s. However, the overall feel is somewhat lackluster. There are nine new outfits, Six of these could be considered vintage looks, the other three are character costumes similar to the ones we saw in February’s Everyday Cosplay collection.

Blue Pin Stripe

Disney nuiMo's Blue Pin Stripe

Of the six vintage looks, we have two suits. The first of which is a blue pinstripe suit. It features a jacket, shirt with sewn-in tie and waistcoat and trousers. It’s a smart-looking suit, that has a slight vintage feel. Similar looks were fashionable between the 1920s and 30s. The second is a brown tweed style suit, this also features the same 3 items of clothing as the blue suit. Again this has a slightly vintage feel but it is not giving me the wow factor.

Tweed Suit

The other four looks include the: holographic dress with a pink backpack. This outfit feels so 1980s and the biggest success of the collection.  Although this is clearly an 80s look it has a very current fashion vibe which I love. The cotton candy coat and disco jumpsuit set have a mixed era vibe, the jacket very 80s, the jumpsuit very 70s. The tank shirt and cap set has a very 1990s feel to it, the Mickey glove makes this a perfect look for mickey. The final outfit features a floral shirt and bandana, this is a basic look that lacks any real vintage vibe.

The three-character cosplay looks are Belle, Snow White, and Tinkerbell. All of these are adorable. The Tinkerbell outfit features a winged backpack giving it a magical feel. The Snow White dress features the iconic colors in a new style. The Belle outfit features a very abstentious headband, the dress a simple design that reminds me of the live-action version.

Belle Dress

Disney nuiMo's Belle

Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends

Once again all four of the new nuiMO’s are fully posable and 100% cute. They are very pastel in tone which looks very nice, however, it does make them look like baby versions of the characters. Pooh comes with his iconic red t-shirt, this is sown on and non-removable. Eeyore comes without clothes but does have a fabulous mane of hair and a little tail complete with a pink bow. Piglet also comes without any clothes, but this does mean he will look perfect in all of the outfits. Tigger also comes without any accessories but he does have a very bouncy-looking tail.

Pooh & Piglet

One thing I have noticed is it looks like you may be able to have a letter embroidered on these new nuiMOs. However other than a few images on each of the character’s pages, there is no further information on this on the ShopDisney website. Hopefully, we will find out more regarding this very soon.

Tigger & Eeyore

Another cute collection, the somewhat disappointing vintage clothing collection is redeemed by the introduction of Winnie-the -Pooh and friends. Next month’s collection looks to be filled with summer-themed looks, however, there is little information on this yet. Check back regularly for the latest updates on the nuiMo’s collection.

To add any of these wonderful new additions to your collection – visit ShopDisney and explore the nuiMOs collection here.

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