September 28, 2022

Get ready for more comedic animated adventures with the crew of the USS Cerritos. The trailer for Star Trek Lower Decks is here!

The big stories just keep coming! First Contact Day has been an exceptional rollercoaster ride of Star Trek awesomeness. But the reveals are far from over. Hot on the heels of the new trailer for Star Trek Discovery Season 4, Mike McMahan has shared our first look at Lower Decks season 2.

The hit animated series was one of the standout releases of 2020 and was a certified hit with our team. But can Season Two build upon the brilliance of that final episode; where Riker and the USS Titan came to the rescue? Let’s check out the trailer and find out:


Not only did the new trailer come with a release date of August 12th, 2021, but we also got confirmation of season three! According to Deadline, the ten-episode third season has already been greenlit and should be emerging from warp speed sometime in 2022.

As revealed in the trailer, Boimler will continue to serve under Riker aboard the USS Titan. All the while, Ensign Marriner will be brushing up on her Anbo-jyutsu skills. The ancient fighting art was last seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘The Icarus Factor’. And when you throw the classic Original Series creature, the Mugato into the mix, it all points to a hilariously fun ride!

Star Trek Lower Decks Season 2

Star Trek Lower Decks will release via Paramount Plus in the United States and via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.


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