August 16, 2022
Live from Regal Robot 4/7/21 - Holochess Figure Sneak Peek!

Get a sneak peek at the stunning new Holochess figure from our friends at Regal Robot

Whether you’re a casual fan, or a connoisseur of the galaxy far, far away, nobody does merchandise like Regal Robot. In the last year alone, Tom and the remarkable team have designed some incredible items. From the Mudhorn skull mini-sculpture to the Docking Bay 35 wood plaque; Star Wars fans have been blessed with a treasure trove of awesomeness.

Regal Robot Logo


Ordinarily, this gluttony of merchandise would be enough to appease the appetite of any fan. But Regal Robot is back for more. And they are upping the ante with a true piece of Star Wars iconography. The Millennium Falcon Holochess table and figures!

Usually, we’d produce a full-page write-up about this fan’s dream piece of merchandise. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear the news from the horse’s mouth!

A sneak peek at our upcoming Holochess Prop Replicas and new Mudhorn Skull Wall Decor and Pewter Mythosaur Mini Skull! Visit for the latest and sign up for our mailing list to hear about all of our new creations!

Yet again, the team has knocked this out of the park. And just in time for Star Wars Day!

Exciting times ahead.

Source: Regal Robot


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