Regal Robot expands their Mando Mondays decor collection with another piece of Tatooine decor!

With Mando Mondays delivering a cargo hold of glorious new merchandise each week – there has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan. Normally this gluttony of awesomeness would be enough to appease even the most die-hard fan, but now Regal Robot has arrived to knock it out of the park with the unveiling of the latest addition to their collection of breathtaking wall plaques.

After the success of their incredible ‘Docking Bay 94’ wall plaque, Tom and the team have upped the ante further by designing the ‘Docking Bay 35’ from The Mandalorian.

Check out the gallery:


Here’s the official line:

Regal Robot™ is excited to expand our line of official Star Wars™ décor with our Docking Bay 35 Wood Art Plaque. Inspired by the Mos Eisley™ docking bay set as seen in the hit Lucasfilm series The Mandalorian™ this bold wall décor piece is approximately 14″ tall and ships ready to hang!

Like the other wood art plaques in this line, this piece features 2D printed art, recreating the Tatooine stucco textures, however, this one goes a step beyond and includes actual 3D milling to create a deep engraved stylized “35” symbol!

Once again, Tom and the team at Regal Robot has outdone themselves with this awesome piece of Mando memorabilia. The Docking Bay 94 Plaque was a sensational addition to the decor collection and the Bay 35 version looks equally amazing. And what better way to enjoy the latest chapter of The Mandalorian than surrounded by the coolest decor in the galaxy?!

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