October 1, 2022

Feast your eyes on the spectacular new Jabba The Hutt variant covers for Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters

He’s the biggest crime lord on Tatooine. And will have you hunted down for dropping your cargo at the first sight of an Imperial starship. He’s Jabba The Hutt, and he’s looking for a new wall decoration!

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The sleazy slug-like alien is patiently waiting for Boba Fett to deliver Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. And for the first time ever, War Of The Bounty Hunters will explore the moment he takes delivery.  Be sure to add Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters — Jabba the Hutt #1, written by Justina Ireland to your collection.  With pencils from Luca Pizzari and cover art by Mahmud Asrar, this is one series you won’t want to miss. It even comes in Huttese!

War Of The Bounty Hunters Jabba


Tatooine’s fearsome crime lord Jabba the Hutt has entered the hunt for Han Solo, with a brand-new one-shot comic published as part of Marvel’s massive Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters crossover event, and StarWars.com is thrilled to announce the new comic as part of War of the Bounty Hunters Week. The first of four single-issue tie-ins, Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters — Jabba the Hutt #1 will be written by Justina Ireland with pencils by Luca Pizzari and cover art from Mahmud Asrar. Releasing in July of 2021, the hutt-sized spectacular will lead a series exploring the criminal underworld’s most notorious hunters and scoundrels, all told by the best Star Wars writers and illustrators in the galaxy.

“Getting to work on a comic at Marvel, especially a Star Wars comic about one of the most perpetually under-appreciated criminal masterminds in the whole galaxy, has been a trip,” Ireland tells StarWars.com. “It’s exciting, a little scary, and really makes me wish I could time travel to tell my twelve-year-old self reading comics in the grocery store self ‘All of this will pay off one day.’”


Exciting times ahead for the galaxy far, far away.

Source: StarWars.com


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