Captain America 4 Coming From Marvel Studios

Following the success of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios has moved quickly to greenlight Captain America 4

After the thrilling conclusion to The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios has acted quickly to greenlight Captain America 4. The season finale saw Sam Wilson/Falcon embrace his destiny and take up the mantle of Captain America.

Captain America/Sam Wilson

Now it seems that Marvel is eager to return Captain America to the big screen because THR reports that TFATWS showrunner Malcolm Spellman has been tasked with penning a fresh big-screen adventure. And rumor has it Spellman will be writing the screenplay alongside Dalan Musson, one of his fellow writers on the Disney+ series.

Bucky and Sam - Captain America

Marvel Studios is keeping details about the project under wraps for the time being, but that is nothing new. The Captain America sequel will undoubtedly follow the adventures of Sam Wilson as he forges his path of righteousness. However, with the season finale leaving so many unanswered questions; we can look forward to some of those storylines play out to their natural conclusion.


Especially after Sharon Carter was revealed as the Power Broker, and John Walker was recruited as the US Agent; the plot will only deepen as Phase 4 unfolds. And that is a tantalizing prospect. Whether Chris Evans can be persuaded to pop up as Steve Rogers remains to be seen. His fate was left extremely vague in TFATWS leaving room for the writers to work their magic. So, anything is possible – and nobody ever really retires in the MCU! And who wouldn’t want to see Baron Zemo strutting his dance moves again?!

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Source: THR


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