Who Are The Bad Batch?

Star Wars.com has pulled back the curtain and taken a closer look at Clone Force 99. Better known as The Bad Batch

Ahead of the series launch of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Star Wars.com is pulling back the veil of secrecy and exploring Clone Force 99 in all its glory. Whether it’s Hunter, Tech, Crosshair, Wrecker, or Echo; this experimental unit is packed with the baddest batch of clone troopers you’ll ever meet. So without further ado, let’s deploy along the front lines with The Bad Batch:

The Bad Batch


The Bad Batch, a concept straight from George Lucas, made their debut in the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The Clone Wars were close to an end when Captain Rex first crossed paths with the motley crew. When the battle on Anaxes took a turn for the worse, Rex couldn’t shake the feeling that the droid army might be using the intel of an old friend, Echo. Commander Cody called in Clone Force 99 to help them infiltrate the cyber center that held the secret to the Separatists’ strategy.

the bad batch

The unconventional squad was a well-oiled machine by the time Rex met them. With practiced strategies and uncanny timing, the Bad Batch made quick work of a battalion of droids closing in on them. The strike team made it into the cyber center with little resistance. Tech tracked the Separatists’ strategic algorithm to a live signal on Skako Minor. A garbled but familiar voice called out through the signal.

the bad batch


As the Republic transforms into the Galactic Empire, the Bad Batch must decide what their place will be in the new order. Will they join their brothers in the stormtrooper ranks? Or will they find their place in the galaxy somewhere out of the Empire’s reach?

Be sure to tune in on May 4th for a special extended 70 minute season premiere. Our reviews of the series will be coming thick and fast. So, maintain your orbit around Future of the Force and never miss a thing!

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