I Heart Revolution x Disney (The Little Mermaid)

Darcie discovers the I Heart Revolution dedicated to Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Revolution Beauty has added to their Disney products for the second time this month. Joining their Disney Princess collection are three items inspired by The Little Mermaid and Princess Ariel. Ariel is the fourth Disney Princess to get an I Heart Revolution collection. She joins Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Tiana (Princess and the Frog), and Cinderella (Cinderella). The princess ranges are normally made up of four items, a palette, highlighter, lip topper, and lashes. However, it seems like the Ariel range does not feature any lashes. Although these may be released at a later date.

I Heart Revolution The Little Mermaid 001


The theme of these collections is ‘Fairy-tale Books’ and it’s highly effective. I have the Cinderella palette and highlighter and opening both feel special. The palette in particular has a beautiful storybook look, with the princess framed in the center. The character is surrounded by a gold title and gold frames. When you open up the palette you are greeted with Revolution Beauty’s high-quality highlighters and shadows. This range captures the Disney magic which is why I’m glad another princess has joined the collection.


The Ariel Fairytale Books palette features 18 eyeshadows, 3 matt blushers, and 3 highlighters. This makes it the perfect palette for creating your under the sea makeup look. Priced at £15.00 this is great value for money with the blushers and highlighters perfect to suit multiple skin tones. The shadow colors feature blue, orange, neutral, and green tones that perfectly emulate Ariel. They also feature fun names from the movies such as: ‘Flounder’, ‘Sebastian’ and ‘Heart of the Sea’.  The phase ‘Sea The Possibilities’ runs down the middle of the palette which is cute.

I Heart Revolution The Little Mermaid 002


The Highlighter features the same great packaging as the palettes with the same phrase written on the box. The highlighter is heart-shaped and has a real pearlescent look to it. It’s super cute and will give you a shimmery glow. The lip topper is perfect to wear alone as it has a pinky-blue shimmer. But would also pair great with a pink or nude lipstick for that perfect mermaid shimmer. The highlighter is priced at £8.00 while the lip topper £5.00.


Revolution Beauty has once again created a wonderful Disney-inspired range that captures the Disney magic. And The Little Mermaid under the sea vibe. The Shadows are highly pigmented and the gloss non-sticky all for a very reasonable price. I cannot wait to see what Disney Princess will be given the I heart Revolution treatment next.

Explore the whole I Heart Revolution Disney The Little Mermaid collection here.

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