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Max explores Starlight First Duty, Cavan Scott’s The High Republic tie-in story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider

Star Wars Insider 202 has hit shelves today, and with it came the final part of Cavan Scott’s short story Starlight First Duty. The first part was pretty good and introduced us to a very likable character, Velko Jahen; who arrives on the Starlight Beacon to start her new job as Administrator. She is frazzled at first and a little intimidated by the Jedi, but she is smart and wants to do well.

Starlight Beacon


The first part ended with one of the station’s ambassadors being shot and his bodyguard droid destroyed. The ambassador blames another species who has a cultural beef with him. And he is angry and defiant that the security is no good; as he should be, or….. is it? Velko has a smart, analytical mind and something just doesn’t add up with what happened to the Ambassador. It’s her first day, and she is already playing detective!

Velko also, in contrast, finds herself overwhelmed with nervousness when she meets the legendary Jedi Master Avar Kriss; who has been tasked as the big boss of Starlight Beacon. Cavan Scott expertly captures a very realistic feeling of intimidation, when meeting a “celebrity”. And this story would be a fun little trinket if NOT for the massive mistake Scott makes within the story. I know I shouldn’t be such a “Canon Nazi” but there is a mistake in this story that is deplorable and should not be overlooked.

Avar Kriss


In 232 BBY, when this story takes place, bacta has not yet been introduced to the galaxy. It is still theoretical and the bugs are being worked out of it, as it is being grown. Yet, this story mentions its use not once but TWICE on the Starlight Beacon Medcenter. What the heck? It’s obvious, The High Republic team does not share notes but this is an easy mistake that the Story Group should have caught.

Yes, they will say Star Wars is just fictional and the story needs to come first, blah blah blah, but this is just an insult to readers. Sure, maybe in-universe, bacta has been synthesized and only available in top-notch med centers, but this is just something I came up with to fill in this glaringly wide plot hole. The story is great and has a fun ending, but I was very distracted by this error and I am most displeased.



I am looking forward to Cavan’s canon novel in June, but if bacta is mentioned once; I will scream (through the Force of course). Star Wars Insider is published by Titan Magazines and usually comes out with a new issue; every few months. It is chock full of interviews and fun articles you cannot find anywhere else, and at least until 2023; will feature new, original short fiction. Next issue, we enter a new 2 parter written by Justina Ireland and I am very excited and will of course be reviewing it.

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