February 6, 2023
Star Wars A New Hope Biggs Darklighter Bust

The team at Gentle Giant continue the Star Wars Day reveals with the exceptional Biggs Darklighter bust from A New Hope

Biggs Darklighter reporting for duty on May 4th!

The Star Wars Day festivities are far from over because Gentle Giant is back with another reveal. Just minutes after they revealed a retro Jumbo Darth Vader figure, the toy giant has unveiled a new bust. And this time they are delving into the heroes of A New Hope.

Gentle Giant Biggs Darklighter Bust

Let’s rewind to 1977 and the Battle of Yavin. Luke Skywalker is plotting his X-Wing fighter for the first time. And alongside him is his best friend in the world, and long-term wingman Biggs. The Star Wars legend is an unsung hero of the franchise, so it’s fitting that Gentle Giant should decide to unveil his bust on May 4th.

Gentle Giant Biggs Darklighter Bust

The 6″ bust includes interchangeable helmeted and unhelmeted portraits, and swap-out arms holding the helmet and his gloves.


Luke Skywalker™’s boyhood pal Biggs Darklighter™ finally joins the Gentle Giant Ltd. collection with this all-new 1:6 Scale mini-bust! Wearing his signature flight suit and helmet, this mini-bust measures approximately 6 inches tall, and includes an interchangeable unhelmeted head! Limited to only 1500 pieces, grab yours before he’s gone.


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This wonderful piece of merchandise is limited to just 1,500 pieces and will set you back $120. But that is a small price to pay when a bust looks this impressive.

Will you be adding this one to your collection? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. We love hearing your feedback.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Source: Gentle Giant


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