February 7, 2023

Check out this action-packed new clip from the new Star Wars series The Bad Batch

Just when we thought the Star Wars Day festivities were winding down, Star Wars has dropped a new clip from The Bad Batch. Even though most of us would have seen the episode by now, it’s always a pleasure to see Wrecker doing what he does best! Taking on some of Tarkin’s most lethal training droids and leaving them in a steaming pile of wreckage! Check it out:

Challenge accepted ✅ Watch this new clip from the 70-minute premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, now streaming on Disney Plus.

In case you missed our reviews of the season premiere, you can check them out here. Our reviews of the series will be coming thick and fast. So maintain your orbit around Future of the Force and you’ll never miss a thing!

Source: Star Wars


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