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The marksman of The Bad Batch has joined Hasbro’s Black Series collection. But is Crosshair worth your hard-earned Republic credits?

With The Bad Batch finally streaming on Disney Plus, Hasbro has started to release their Black Series figures from the series. The wave kicked off with Hunter, the leader of Clone Force 99, with Wrecker and Tech scheduled for later in the year. And sandwiched between these releases is the team’s expert marksman, Crosshair. But can the figure deliver on its promise and give the fans the figure they deserve.

Hasbro Black Series The Bad Batch Crosshair


Unlike Hunter, which was a slightly disappointing figure, Crosshair is the opposite. The figure is exquisite. A truly noteworthy addition to the Black Series line. And although there are a few detractions, this figure is one of the best in the wave. More on that later.


Like many of the new figure releases of the past year or so, The Bad Batch has been released in Hasbro’s updated packaging. The sleek design presents the figure in all its glory and the black and white art looks suitably cool. Turning the box to the side reveals a representation of the character which when combined with the other members of Clone Force 99, makes a stunning montage.

Hasbro Black Series The Bad Batch Crosshair


Once removed from its packaging, the pure awesomeness of this figure is revealed. Like Hunter, at first glance Crosshair’s armor looks a little underwhelming. But when you get up close and personal, the combination of weathering, texture, and layering of the armor delivers a fantastic-looking figure.  The silver-metallic weathering on the armor gives you a sense of the battles it has endured. And that only adds to the gravitas of the finished figure.

Hasbro Black Series The Bad Batch Crosshair


Unlike Hunter, who suffered from a horrendous digital face print, Crosshair looks fabulous. Even though Hasbro has worked hard to update the design for a live-action version, the traces of the animated character are there for all to see. Which feels familiar with a contemporary twist. Even the crosshair targetting scar on his eye is highly detailed and adds to the look of the figure. The hair is a little underwhelming and lacks definition but this is a minor gripe with an otherwise impressive design.


Just like the headsculpt, Crosshair’s body sculpt is impressive. The body is sculpted to perfection and appears to be screen accurate. And once attached, the surprisingly lightweight backpack feels more sturdy than it looks. Even when is attached to the body, the figure is perfectly balanced and not top-heavy.

Sadly, it isn’t all good news. Like Hunter, Crosshair suffers from cheap and flimsy shoulder pads. They have been crafted from cheap and easily manipulated plastic. So when the arms of the figure are raised, the pads lift away from the body in an unnatural position and feel as though they could snap at any time. Moreover, the shoulder spike on Crosshair’s left shoulder pad is made from the same flimsy plastic and is easily bent. Therefore, you’ll have to take great care not to snap it when removing it from the box.

Hasbro Black Series The Bad Batch Crosshair

Similar disappointment awaits in the feet joints. They are angled in a way that makes it difficult to stand the figure upright. Until you adjust the leg articulation. Then you’re free to stand the figure up on its own. A little hot water will loosen the joints, buts it’s still a little disappointing to see these design flaws still affecting the latest releases.


Unlike Hunter, who suffers from a lack of holsters and housings for his weaponry, Crosshair is well catered for. The figure comes with his trusty DC-17 blaster pistol sidearm, a backpack, and his trusty 773 Firepuncher sniper rifle. A holster has been attached to his belt to house the DC-17, and the sniper rifle easily slips into a housing contained within the backpack. This allows the figure to walk freely with the rifle attached to his back. It’s pretty cool stuff.


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Aside from a few minor niggles, Crosshair is a wonderful addition to The Bad Batch Black Series collection. The body sculpt is impressive, and the armor with its logos, weathering, and detail delivers a solid home run for the fans. The accessories are great, with the sniper rifle being my pick of the bunch. And the figure looks pretty darn impressive when the rifle is stored in the backpack.

The face sculpt is true to the character we know and love, and its brilliance has to be counted as a win for both Hasbro and the fans. I understand the need to bring these characters into the realm of live-action, and on this occasion, Hasbro has nailed it. And once set up alongside Hunter, Crosshair looks very impressive. And let’s face it, The Bad Batch wouldn’t be the same without its expert marksman.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch Black Series Crosshair is produced by Hasbro and is available to buy NOW!


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