Review | Hunter (The Bad Batch) Hasbro Black Series

The leader of The Bad Batch has joined Hasbro’s Black Series collection. But is Hunter worth your hard-earned Republic credits?

With The Bad Batch enjoying a sensational season premiere on Disney Plus, Hasbro has released the first of many figures from the series. Leading the charge is the commander of Clone Force 99. Hunter. The stoic soldier has become a firm fan-favorite since his debut in the final season of The Clone Wars. So the release of his figure has been a long time coming. But can the figure truly deliver on its promise and give fans the figure they are hoping for.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter The Bad Batch


The answer is far from clean-cut. The figure itself delivers on its promise, but the amalgamation of “real” human head sculpt combined with the animated look of the series has delivered a strange hybrid. More on that later. Let’s get down to business and look at the figure as a whole.


Like many of the new figure releases of the last year, The Bad Batch has been released in the updated Hasbro packaging. The sleek new design presents the figure in all its glory, and the black and white box art looks impressive. Turning the box to the side reveals a representation of the character which when combined with the other figures in the line, creates a stunning montage.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter The Bad Batch


Once released from its plastic prison, the figure is revealed in all its glory. And an impressive figure it is. At first glance, the grey armor may look a little underwhelming. But when you get up close and personal, the combination of the texture, weathering, and layering of the armor delivers a gratifying finish. The silver weathering alone leaves you with a sense that the armor has endured multiple battles. And once on display, the figure looks all the more impressive.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter The Bad Batch


With the figure now set up, the flaws in the facial recognition software become apparent. The attempt to combine a live-action “Temuera Morrison” face with that of an animated character has delivered a very poor face. It’s one of the most disappointing results I’ve seen from Hasbro. Recent animated characters like Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger have had mixed results. But they had some redeeming features. I can’t say the same for Hunter.

The result is a semi-cross-eyed face with a less chiseled face than the character we know and love. What’s more, the “Rambo” bandana has been grafted to his head in a way that suppresses the freedom of his hair. Therefore, his traditionally free, rugged hair is far too streamlined and leaves you with a sense of something being missing. Adding to the disappointment is the plastic used to create the helmet. Although it looks impressive, the plastic is cheap and flimsy, and the helmet emerges from the pack squashed and deformed.  A dip in hot water will help reshape it to your taste, but we have come to expect more from Hasbro and the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter The Bad Batch


Now, although the headsculpt is a massive disappointment, the rest of the figure is pretty darn impressive. The body itself is sculpted to perfection, right down to the slightly short and stubby legs. And the surprisingly lightweight backpack feels more sturdy than it looks. Even when attached to the body, the figure is perfectly balanced and not too heavy.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter The Bad Batch

The figure loses more points for its shoulder pads. They have been crafted in the same cheap plastic as the helmet. And when the arms of the figure are raised, the pads lift away from the body in an unnatural position and feel like they could break at any time. More disappointment awaits in the feet joints. They are angled in a way that makes it difficult to attain a solid standing until you alter the leg joints. Then, and only then can the figure stand on its own two feet. Again, a little hot water will help loosen the joints, but it’s still a major detraction from an otherwise great figure.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter The Bad Batch


Again, a mixed bag awaits us with the accessories. The figure comes with his trusty forearm knife, a DC-17 blaster pistol, a DC-17m interchangeable weapon system, and a backpack. The knife itself is impressively detailed. The blade is decorated with streamlined yellow artwork which runs along the blade. And it slips into the forearm scabbard with ease. The DC-17 blaster pistol is the standard model released with other clones in the line. However, the figure doesn’t come with a holster for the weapon, nor does it come with a placing for the larger DC-17m rifle. So when you aren’t using these weapons, you have nowhere to store them. It’s such a letdown.


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Aside from the obvious detractions, Hunter is a very satisfying figure. The body sculpt itself is right on the money, and the armor, with all its detail, logos, and weathering delivers a solid home run for the fans. The accessories are great, but the overall lack of holsters leaves you a little frustrated. And last but not least, the face sculpt is a big letdown. I understand the need to bring these characters into the realm of live-action, but I have come to expect more from Hasbro. The face does bear some resemblance to Temuera Morrison, but there is something not quite right with the finish. And the final product looks crossed-eyed and silly.

The Hasbro Black Series Hunter

Overall, aside from the detractions, this figure is a solid addition to the Black Series line. Yes, the face sculpt is poor. Yes, the weapons have nowhere to be housed and some of the plastic is very flimsy, but once the helmet is attached and the figure is displayed, all these detractions melt away. And once placed alongside fellow Clone Force 99 member Crosshair, Hunter looks very impressive! And let’s face it, The Bad Batch wouldn’t be complete without its fearless leader.

The Bad Batch Black Series Hunter figure is produced by Hasbro and is available to buy NOW!


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