December 4, 2023
Review | Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 3: Replacements)

The Bad Batch Episode 3 is another great episode that focuses on team relationships. Plus we see more of the early days of the Empire.

It’s Friday so it’s The Bad Batch day! This week’s episode is entitled ‘Replacements.’


As we all know, the Stormtroopers are conscripted soldiers so it was only a matter of time before the change starts happening. This episode introduces us to the first conscripted soldiers. The squad is lead by Crosshair. I love this idea of clones being used to train conscripted soldiers until they are deemed no longer useful. Like I said before, I love how this series explores the early days of the Empire, it adds so much to the Star Wars lore!

The Bad Batch Episode 3

Admiral Rampart was revealed last week as a Black Series figure and was briefly featured in episode 2. This week, he gets a bigger role, it makes sense why he is getting his own figure because it feels like he is going to be a prominent character on the show.

Matt Michnovetz always knows how to handle dark material so it makes sense he’s the one writing this episode. There is some dark stuff happening with Crosshair’s squad. I was quite surprised by a particular scene. It just feels natural that this series has a darker tone as the Empire is now ruling over the galaxy.


This series continues to use the serial type of storytelling as we pick up not long after the second episode. Although our crew doesn’t get to do much in this episode, we get a focus on the relationships between the characters. With Hunter and Omega, we have a father-daughter type of relationship while Wrecker plays more the role of the uncle. It feels like a family similar to how the crew from Star Wars Rebels was.

Tech and Echo get to work together again and I think this duo works well as its two techie clones. Wrecker is the main comic relief of the group but Tech is also quite funny. He always thinks everything is obvious while for the others it isn’t. It wouldn’t be Star Wars without new creatures. So as our characters are stuck on a moon, we are introduced to a new creature. It just feels so Star Wars-y and that’s great!

The Bad Batch Episode 3


Another great episode that focuses on the character’s relationships while also exploring more of the early days of the Empire.

The Bad Batch is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus NOW!

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