January 30, 2023
Review | Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 4: "Cornered"

This week’s episode of The Bad Batch finally catches its stride and delivers a fun and exciting episode for all ages

This week’s episode of The Bad Batch finally catches its stride and delivers a fun and exciting episode for all ages. Clone Force 99 is searching for a place to lay low for a while. But they don’t have enough fuel to get to their desired destination, so they make a pit stop to the world of Pantora. A classic Clone Wars world full of blue humanoids (one of which George Lucas himself portrayed in Episode 3 ROTS).

The Bad Batch Episode 4


Right away, we see how the inhabitants of a populous world regard the brand new Galactic Empire. A savior that banished the dark specter of The Clone Wars. Nobody yet knows how tyrannical this government will soon become, and it’s all interesting to see these things play out as it mirrors real-world events.  Many Cubans will tell you how they were always hopeful for the next government (or government leader) to swoop in and make positive changes.

Fennec Shand - The Bad Batch


The Havoc Marauder lands in a docking bay owned by a sleazy Sullustan who contacts a very familiar face, telling her that the target is on Pantora. The familiar face is none other than the deadly sharpshooting bounty hunter Fennec Shand, only she is at least 20 years younger and most likely even more deadly. She is after Omega for mysterious reasons and attempts to abduct her when she gets lost in the Pantoran city.

The Bad Batch Episode 4

Hunter must find her while Tech and Wrecker modify the ship so they cant be traced. It’s truly a race against time, and Fennec proves quickly that she is more than a match for the enhanced clones. I love the synergy of Clone Force 99 as they use their special skills to accomplish tasks. Tech interfaces into the city’s cameras to locate Omega and Hunter and Wrecker fight Fennec and attempt to rescue Omega. Meanwhile, Echo masquerades as a droid and hijacks a group of droids to help make repairs to the ship.

Wrecker and Omega in The Bad Batch


Everybody is like a finger of a much bigger hand, accomplishing the mission. What’s interesting about Shand is that she switches back and forth from merciful hunter to cold-blooded killer. She surprised me at how quickly she subdued Wrecker but also surprised me when Hunter and Omega got the slip on her. She had no qualms, killing a policeman but spares the life of the Sullustan who was supposed to keep their ship from leaving his landing bay.

Shand is quite an interesting character and I am looking forward to seeing more of her origins as the show continues.

Fennec Shand


It was truly a great episode and I feel much better about the trajectory of the show. The last 2 episodes were a bit alarming as to the lack of progress. Omega is really cute and has begun to grow on me. She is a happy-go-lucky kid with a big heart and it’s incredible that this is so; being a Jango Fett clone and all. There is a huge mystery brewing as well. Who is Fennec working for and why is Omega the target? Shouldn’t it be The Bad Batch? Anyway, it’s a great episode and a wonderful setup for the rest of the season.

Let’s Go Team 99!

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