Rumour | Star Wars: Rangers Of The New Republic Shelved!

According to Variety, Star Wars: Rangers Of The New Republic is no longer in active development at Disney Plus

According to Variety, the Star Wars: Rangers Of The New Republic Disney Plus series is no longer in active development. After Lucasfilm decided to part ways with Gina Carano, Cara Dune’s stay in the Star Wars universe is over. And as a result, Lucasfilm is no longer pursuing the series.

Set within the timeline of The Mandalorian, the series from executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni would have intersected with future stories and would have culminated in a climactic story event.

A New Star Wars: Rangers Of The New Republic Series Has Been Announced


In December, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced that Filoni and Favreau are executive producing several “Mandalorian” spinoffs for Disney Plus, including “The Book of Boba Fett,” which is currently shooting and premiering in December, and “Ahsoka,” starring Rosario Dawson, and based on the character Filoni created in “The Clone Wars.” (A third announced spinoff, “Rangers of the New Republic,” is not currently in active development.)

Kennedy also said these spinoffs, which all take place within the same timeline, will ultimately culminate in a “storytelling event.” Filoni’s title as executive creative director captures the complicated role of overseeing both individual series and a larger storyline that weaves together several shows. Given Filoni’s galaxy-sized “Star Wars” expertise, he’s also been known to weigh in on other “Star Wars” projects outside of his direct purview.



As of press time, Lucasfilm has refused to comment on these rumors. However, with Gina Carano no longer welcome in the galaxy far, far away, it seems reasonable for the show to be put back on the shelf. Until such time that the series can be reworked. In Lucasfilm, ideas are never truly discarded. So perhaps we shall see this series make it to the screen in the future.


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Source: Variety


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  1. It was only a matter of time. As soon as Gina Carano was fired, it was doubtful the show would continue to be developed in the form it was planned originally.

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