September 22, 2023

Project War-Mantle has been revealed in The Bad Batch. But what else is the Empire hiding?

The Bad Batch has revealed the extent of Emperor Palpatine’s plans for the galaxy. From chain codes to Imperial credits, the iron grip of the Empire is tightening. But with “Project War-Mantle” being implemented, will more secret plans be unleashed?



Anton Chekhov famously said, “If there is a gun on the wall in Act 1, it must be used in Act 3”. This is seriously important advice for any story and Star Wars is no exception.

In 2016, the landscape of Star Wars was very different. There was no Disney Plus and as far as we knew; we were getting a new Star Wars movie every year. It was also the year that the first of the Star Wars anthology movies was launched (movies separate from the Skywalker saga). And the maiden voyage was pretty successful as Rogue One was very well received.

Star Wars on Disney+ | Everything You Need To Know


The movie involved the theft of the Death Star plans. And the main character Jyn Erso extracted the famous data tapes from an Imperial installation. The Death Star project’s code name was Stardust and when Jyn was sorting through the files; she encountered other projects as well.  All designated with their code-name. One was called War-Mantle and your guess was probably as good as mine on what that entailed.

Benjamin Hartley | A Pilot’s Perspective (Interview)

Now half a decade later, Star Wars: The Bad Batch has revealed that War Mantle was an Imperial plan to inscribe regular soldiers from around the galaxy. Huh. This seems kinda lame. What’s so special about recruiting soldiers? Also, why is this project being implemented as early as 19 BBY; but almost 20 years later is still in their mainframe? Your guess is again, as good as mine. But luckily Jyn revealed a few other plans and some of their code names seem quite titillating. Their names were Stellarsphere, Mark Omega, Pax Aurora, Cluster-Prism, and Black-Saber.

The Bad Batch Episode 3

I am now going to use the best of my detective abilities coupled with my love of speculative technology to discern what some of these code names are referring to. Stellarsphere makes me think of a Dyson sphere, which is a massive megastructure that englobes a star and captures all its energy for power. Star Wars has Hypermatter so it doesn’t need more solar power. But I am no physicist so I don’t know what the energy ratio would yield. Star Wars could very well use a Dyson sphere and creating one would be very hard, even for a civilization as advanced as Star Wars.


Mark Omega sounds like something to do with sharpshooting. And they can CERTAINLY use a project to increase shooting accuracy in the Empire. Pax Aurora I don’t know and the final two may be referring to the fabled Darksaber from The Clone Wars and perhaps another superweapon.

The Bad Batch Aftermath

It’s fun to speculate! Only time will tell if these projects will finally be revealed but I feel the Force will grant our wish. What do you think these projects are. Please comment below.

Star Wars The Bad Batch is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus now!

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