December 3, 2022
Review | Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 6: Decommissioned)

The Bad Batch Episode 6 is simply the best episode of the series yet – it’s a fun mission bringing back some great familiar faces.

This week’s episode of The Bad Batch is entitled ‘Decommissioned.’


This episode picks up not long after episode 5, so our heroes are still on Ord Mantell. The opening shot of the city is some of the most beautiful shots of the series so far! It truly felt cinematic! Much like last week, this episode is another bounty hunter mission. And it brings us to Corellia. Since Solo: A Star Wars Story, I’ve always said I wanted to see this planet again and it finally happened! I just love the factory vibe it has with the buildings being surrounded by the sea. They kept the same aesthetic so it’s great seeing this planet in animation.

The Bad Batch Episode 6

The mission seems rather simple – retrieve a Tactical Droid before it gets destroyed. However, the mission doesn’t go according to plan and comes with some big surprises and a lot of action! This time, The Bad Batch has to fight security droids. The design is similar to Commando Droids with some differences including a brand new head. The artists always find some great designs!

The Bad Batch Episode 6


The Bad Batch brings back the Martez sisters, and I can’t stress enough how happy I am about it! I loved their story arc in the final season of The Clone Wars. They’re compelling characters and they have a fun dynamic – always arguing and always heading right into troubles. The banter is still there and they’re still heading into troubles!

Bringing them back for this series just feels right. They’re mercenaries and The Bad Batch is exploring this world. They make a good team with these clones. Considering what happens I do think they’ll appear again very soon and I can’t wait for this!

The Bad Batch Episode 6


For a few weeks now, there have been hints of Wrecker’s chip interfering. This episode continues with the hints and goes a little further. I like how this storyline is slowly building up to a climax, it’s only going to be more emotional. It’s becoming clear that this culmination of this storyline is coming before the season ends. I’m really curious to see how this plays out. And I feel like this will be the episode when we finally see Rex (he’s been shown in the trailers).

The Bad Batch Episode 6


It’s simply the best episode of the series yet – it’s a fun mission bringing back some great familiar faces.

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