September 22, 2023
Review | Star Wars The Bad Batch (Episode 5: Rampage)

The Bad Batch Episode 5 is another great episode that has links to The Clone Wars and Return Of The Jedi

 Today is The Bad Batch Friday! This week’s episode is entitled ‘Rampage.’


It plays like an episode of The Mandalorian in terms of plot – the Bad Batch arrives on a planet, they take on a job to help someone and in exchange, they get something they need. It’s a very mercenary/bounty hunter Star Wars-y type of story. So it’s simple but it’s something that works.

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage

This episode is the shortest of the season so far. Though, for a mercenary job story, you don’t need it to be too long. There are never filler episodes with Star Wars animation. Indeed, each episode either moves the story forward or develops the character’s relationships strengthening the dynamic of the team. This one does a little bit of both and plants seeds for something likely to have an impact later on this season.

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage

We’re in the world of mercenaries so there is a nice surprise for the fans. It’s a cameo I didn’t expect in this series. To quote Palpatine – “it’s a surprise to be sure but a welcome one.”


Once again, The Bad Batch brings back elements from The Clone Wars. The Zygerrians had a three-episode arc in season 4 which lead to the fall of these slave traders. I really loved that arc so I’m really happy to see this species again. Here, we get an idea of where Zygerrians are during the rise of the Empire and what they plan to do. It’s always these small elements that help build the bigger picture. I talk about worldbuilding every week in my reviews but it’s something worth mentioning. Indeed, this show has done a great job so far with it.

Episode 5 Rampage


Ord Mantell is the second element from The Clone Wars we get to see in this episode. This planet first appeared (in canon) in ‘Son of Dathomir’. It was an essential Maul story arc from the unfinished episodes that were adapted into comics. That arc was written by Matt Michnovetz who also acts as the story editor of The Bad Batch.  It’s just so beautiful to see this planet fully animated. It’s just amazing to see all the details put into it. Let’s just say it that way – it’s a spectacle for the eyes!

The Bad Batch Episode 5 Rampage


It’s a great episode that has links to The Clone Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

The Bad Batch is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus NOW!

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