Did Disney play it safe by not letting Cruella murder the Baroness? Annlyel explores the twists and turns of Disney’s latest blockbuster

Cruella was Disney’s latest live-action movie which featured a surprisingly entertaining origin story for the Queen of Mean. The first teaser for the film made fans immediately begin to compare Emma Stone’s Cruella to Harley Quinn and Joker. But this is Disney, after all, and while the movie was a tad bit darker than most Disney enterprises it still, ultimately, felt a bit like a more mature version of Cinderella.



The writers treated Cruella de Vil like a Disney princess with an antagonist that resembled the cruelty of a classic Disney evil stepmother, or mother in this case. Throughout the film, Cruella continuously teases the prospect of killing the Baroness, even when she finds out that the Baroness is her mother. But she ultimately doesn’t to keep her friends from hating her. Most importantly her dearest of the two friends. Jasper, who the film slightly hinted toward her having potential romantic feelings for.


And while I understand that this is the beginning of her evolution into the wicked woman we meet in 101 Dalmatians; I felt that Disney should’ve let her kill her mother. Considering that she is, in fact, a villain. And considering that the Baroness was so vile, I don’t think anyone would’ve minded her murder. Especially that the movie made us root for Cruella.


But maybe the already-announced sequel will finally officially turn Cruella into the wicked lass we all know and love.

We’ll see.

Disney’s Cruella is currently playing in selected theatres and on Disney Plus Premier Access. 


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