December 4, 2023
Who Are The Bad Batch?

Who was Rafa talking to in the latest episode of The Bad Batch? Ahsoka, Rex, Saw Gerrera? Katelyn ponders the possibilities.

In the latest episode of The Bad Batch, we see some old friends from The Clone Wars. Rafa and Trace are after the same item as our new Batch, leading to some “aggressive negotiations”. We always knew those tactical droids were tricky.  That’s why we saw them in charge so often in The Clone Wars. We saw the head of one again in Rebels when Ahsoka sends the crew of The Ghost to find Rex. (remember that point).

The Bad Batch Rafa and Trace

So, who was the cloaked figure Rafa was speaking with?


At first glance, I think everyone goes straight to Ahsoka. I disagree. I don’t think she would have come out of hiding so early. If you believe anything from the Ahsoka novel, which is becoming more of a loose fairy tale at this point, Ahsoka didn’t come into contact with Bail for a year after Order 66. Even if there wasn’t the novel, she just suffered a traumatic event.  Not to mention Rafa called the hologram “him”.  We saw Ahsoka’s fake holographic image in Rebels. This looked completely different and lifelike. I don’t think there was deception in the hologram.

Star Wars The Clone Wars - Together Again 3

Saw Gerrera

Saw is another possibility. I think this may be more likely, except for one point; we’ve already seen him.  The Bad Batch showed us Saw early in the series. If it was him, why hide his identity?

Saw Gerrera


Mmmm….maybe.  From what we know at the moment, Obi-Wan kind of walked away and stayed there for 19 years. It is possible that he played middle man, connecting rebellious parties, but I doubt it. His risks would be calculated so as to not compromise Luke’s safety. We will have to wait for the Obi-Wan series to know for sure.

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I find this possibility the absolute most likely.  Ahsoka could have easily connected him to the Martez sisters and their particular skill set. Rex would have been very familiar with Separatist droids and would have known to go after the head for the tactical advantage. Remember that one Ahsoka gives The Ghost crew? I told you to remember that point. It’s possible it once belonged to Rex and he gave it to Ahsoka, therefore the droid would have more info on Rex himself, making it easier to find him.  Lastly, Rafa says that a group of “rogue clones” would be of interest to the cloaked figure, stating “I thought you’d want to know”.  Who would find a group of clones not following orders more interesting than Rex?

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There you have it, my guesses on who the cloaked figure in The Bad Batch could be. If you have a character you think might be more likely, be sure to drop a comment.

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