Review | Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Episode 8: Reunion"

The Bad Batch continues to impress with Episode 8 ‘Reunion’.  It’s almost as good as the premiere, albeit much shorter in length.

One of the most intriguing things about The Bad Batch is how the storylines and plot quality fluctuate from episode to episode. The last episode was horrible. But this one was miraculous.


It starts right where we left off. Clone Force 99 is on the junk world of Bracca after successfully removing their inhibitor chips. Unfortunately, turning on the medical equipment caused a power surge. And the Empire’s sensors are advanced enough to be alerted to that, half a galaxy away. Quick remarkable technology if you ask me. Wrecker and Hunter take turns being parent figures to Omega. Hunter is like the caring father and Wrecker is like the fun uncle. He teaches Omega how to disarm bombs, and you can see how strong the bond is between them. Echo and Tech are a little more distant when it comes to Omega, but still, they care for her.

The Bad Batch Episode 8 - Reunion Wrecker and Omega

The Empire sends Crosshair to deal with his old friends, and we continue to see how callous and cold he is. Clone Force 99 is outnumbered. But thanks to some explosives and Tech’s savvy; they can get through the Star Destroyers ion engine chamber without dying.

The Bad Batch Episode 8 - Reunion - Crosshair


It is a far departure from classic Star Wars because this was like an obstacle course of ingenuity. And I like to see new things in Star Wars plots, as every media franchise should evolve. The scrappers who accost the clones at the beginning of the episode have a lot similar to the Legendary Revan. I only note this because I LOVE Revan and hope to see his canon counterpart in a future story. In addition to being just a fun sequence, a character I never would have expected to see shows up and he is still as badass as he/she always was.

The Bad Batch Episode 8 Reunion - Clone Force 99


Things are getting sticky for our heroes. And we see a major conspiracy cast a net over the clones, as Omega is a valuable asset that needs to be recovered. But why? We shall hopefully find out soon. Regardless, this episode is almost as good as the premiere, albeit much shorter in length.

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