Loki Season 2

Should Loki return to his villainous roots? Or should he continue as the mischievous anti-hero? Annlyel explores the possibilities.

For his first two movies in the MCU, Tom Hiddleston played the role of a villainous Loki. You know, the guy who tried to kill his brother, attacked Earth and nearly destroyed New York City. And by the way, killed hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people in the process of his mental breakdown as an adopted prince of Asgard.

Then in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok he became an antihero. Yes, he was still mischievous as ever but he finally turned back on his evil ways and joined Thor as an ally. And then he died.


Now we’re back to 2012 Loki but there’s a catch. He escapes The Avengers and is confronted by the TVA who give him a speed course on his life and his eventual death. Since Episode 1, we’ve seen Loki as a God of Mischief, yes, but not as a villain. He hasn’t tried to kill anybody in the last two episodes. He seems to genuinely care about the well-being of the people around him. And besides the plan to overthrow the Time Keepers (who seem pretty creepy, if you ask me), he’s pretty much been a good guy this whole time.


We’ve even seen him become more vulnerable than we’ve ever had previously in the MCU. 2012 Loki from The Avengers didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would want to tell Black Widow his whole life story if she shared hers too.

So I must ask the question. Is this series leading to Loki’s return to the MCU as a full-blown mischievous hero? It would be a nice way to conclude this season of the series. Considering that we had all grown such an attachment to Loki as a character in Thor: Ragnarok only for him to be killed off in Infinity War. But is that the right move?


I honestly don’t know.  I love hero-Loki, as long as he remains mischievous as ever, but I’m kind of hoping we get a bit of villain-Loki back. You know. The guy who just doesn’t give a crap. It’ll make the ending of this series so much more rewarding while also giving him another juicy storyline in the MCU. Plus, the last two Disney+ series featured heroes being, well, heroes. And even though Wanda is kind of scary and is heading toward the dark side she’s still a hero, as of right now.  I want this series to be different. Don’t you?

Do you want Loki to be a hero? Or should he return to his villainous ways? Leave a comment in the section below. We love hearing your feedback.

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