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Is Black Widow the first in an incredible trilogy? A trilogy that continues with Yelena Belova‘s legacy?

There are six original Avengers; Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, The Hulk, and Captain America. Three of these characters, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor got their own respective trilogies but the trilogy that fans have wanted for years was a Black Widow trilogy.


Thor’s first two movies were pretty much inconsequential. Other than introducing Loki to the universe and giving him worthy character development. Besides that, those first Thor movies were pretty boring. It wasn’t until Thor: Ragnarok that the mighty God of Thunder finally got a movie worth his excellence and what a movie it was.


Tony Stark’s first movie was pretty good. But his following two films were kind of so-so and didn’t impact the bigger picture of the MCU. But Iron Man 2 did give us a perfect recast for James Rhodes with Don Cheadle. And it gave us Black Widow.


Nothing needs to be said about Captain America’s trilogy. It’s perfect.


And then there’s Black Widow. Her very interesting backstory delves into a darker side of the MCU, a side that we may get a chance to see in her upcoming film. Besides featuring the darker sides of her past, we could also discover what truly makes her a hero in greater detail.

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Thankfully, Marvel Studios did listen to the fandom and now we’re getting a Black Widow movie…finally! It’s just a couple of weeks away and my excitement couldn’t be farther through the roof. Seeing this movie just makes me wonder what could’ve been. And yet…what if it is the beginning of what we’ve always wanted?

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Is Black Widow the first in an incredible trilogy? A trilogy that continues with Yelena Belova’s legacy? The thought is not only very cool but fascinating. I don’t know how her story will evolve in the movie. But according to the comics, Belova was always considered a bit of a villain. Basically, Natasha Romanoff if she never met Hawkeye.

I think the MCU is striving to make Belova more of a hero-type than her comic book counterpart. But she’s going to be a prominent figure moving forward. Here’s to hoping that yes, this is the beginning of that trilogy we always wanted.


Black Widow‘ opens in theatres and on Disney Premier Access on July 9th.


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