December 9, 2022
New Jungle Cruise Trailer | Meet Skipper Frank

It’s time to meet Dwayne Johnson‘s Skipper Frank in the latest trailer for Disney’s Jungle Cruise

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is already one of our must-see movies of the summer. And with just under one month until it finally hits screens, Dwayne Johnson is on hand to pour more fuel into the hype train. The Rock takes center stage as he introduces us to Skipper Frank – the swashbuckling hero of the hour. Check it out:

Originally scheduled for release last year, Jungle Cruise is finally scheduled for release on July 30. However, thanks to the neverending Covid restrictions, the movie will release simultaneously in theatres and on Disney Plus Premier Access.

Here’s the synopsis:

Helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra, Jungle Cruise features Dwayne Johnson as Frank, a riverboat captain who tricks his customers by taking them on tours full of fake threats. Things take a turn when Frank agrees to take British scientist Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) on a journey in search of a mystical tree said to exist somewhere in the jungle. Soon the duo is battling a rival expedition as Frank realizes the legends of the jungle are very much real.

And if that isn’t enough to have you grabbing your sword for a swashbuckling adventure; Disney also shared two glorious new character posters. Check them out below:

Dwayne Johnson Jungle Cruise Poster

Emily Blunt Jungle Cruise Poster

So, what do you guys think? Are you excited to depart on a jungle rollercoaster ride with The Rock and Emily Blunt? Sound off in the comments section and let us know!

Jungle Cruise goes full steam ahead into multiplexes and on Disney Plus Premier Access from July 30, 2021

Source: Disney Studios


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