September 30, 2023
The Bad Batch (Episode 10: Common Ground) Review

As usual, The Bad Batch Episode 10 ‘Common Ground’ delivers another great episode with stunning animation!

It’s time for our weekly dose of Star Wars with the tenth episode of The Bad Batch! This one is entitled ‘Common Ground.’


This week’s episode is divided into two plots. One that follows The Bad Batch on Raxus while the B-plot follows Omega and Cid on Ord Mantell. The Omega plot is fun. And I like that we get to explore her character differently. Cid also gets more screentime, which is good. I love her sassy grumpy lines.

 Omega and Hunter

On the other hand, the main plot is simple, it’s a rescue mission. So it’s action-packed. Plus, it brings us back to Raxus. The classic AT-TEs also make their return. And staying true to their reputation, they still get so easily destroyed. With Star Wars, it’s always about the details. I think there is something worth mentioning. The Bad Batch kills absolutely no clone, they only use the stunning setting on their weapons. It’s hard for them to have to fight brothers, even more so since their brothers can’t help, they are controlled by the inhibitor chip. Actually, it’s sad when you think about it.

The Bad Batch Episode 10 Common Ground


This episode also tackles an important subject. With the rise of the Empire, the lines between friends and foes are blurred, more than ever. So, it’s interesting to see The Bad Batch working with a former Separatist senator. Both are in the same position now, they have to fight the Empire to survive.

Star Wars: TBB Episode 10 Common Ground


Since it was first teased in the trailer, I wanted to see the episode on Raxus. And today, the time has finally come! This planet was one of my favorite introduced in The Clone Wars. I love the Renaissance aesthetic of the buildings and the autumnal nature. It’s such a peaceful planet. So this week has me completely satisfied. Indeed, we see a lot more of this planet. The animation team has created tons of new buildings and interiors. It is absolutely stunning!

The Bad Batch Episode 10 Common Ground

When it comes to visuals, I also want to mention the opening scene with the big gathering of citizens. It’s the most crowded scene done in Star Wars animation. For this, they have created plenty of new citizen models. I’m in awe of the amazing work that was done! Each week, the animation team keeps impressing me. In fact, their work deserves recognition at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Bad Batch Episode 10


As usual, The Bad Batch delivers another great episode with stunning animation!

The Bad Batch is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus NOW!

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