September 21, 2023
Star Wars The High Republic

The greatest threat to the Force has been revealed in The High Republic. Can the Jedi Order survive the assault of The Leveler?

The latest adult novel in The High Republic initiative, The Rising Storm, introduced us to a horrific weapon that the Nihil now have at their disposal. It seems the bad guys are always getting weapons like hyperdrives that can jump anywhere. And murderous sentient plant monsters. When will it end?! Now, they literally have a monster that can hurt the Force itself.

Star Wars The High REpublic


This monster is a creature called the Leveler that Marchion Ro thawed out of ice on a distant world. And its first test has proven how dangerous this thing is. We don’t get a good description of the creature (which is good) yet. But it can fill Force-sensitives with dread and even turn them into stone. It’s almost like a Medusa nexu. Originally, The High Republic blurb said the Jedi would be facing a threat to the Force itself, and this thing is most certainly it.

I originally speculated that a Legends character called Abeloth would be the big threat. Abeloth was a mortal turned immortal Force monster with powers beyond that of even Luke Skywalker and the Emperor. It took much effort for the Legends New Jedi Order to vanquish her. I liked the Abeloth arc, but she was very much overpowered. So perhaps she should be just left as a Legend. However, this animal that can use the Force directly is a weapon is nothing strange for Star Wars.

The Nihil Characters of Star Wars the High Republic


In Legends, some creatures could nullify the Force, suppress the Force, utilize the Force. And even hunt Force-sensitives. The Leveler, for now, is kind of like the creatures in A Quiet Place or Signs. You never really get a good look at it, but they are incredibly dangerous and hard to combat. The only weakness that the Jedi could exploit, is the fact that the Leveler needs to be transported like any other creature. So perhaps shooting it from orbit may be an option. Yet, I am sure the only way it can be destroyed, is with a powerful application of the Force. We also don’t know the extent of its powers. Perhaps, we just got a taste, and if that is true, the Jedi have some GRAVE problems on their hands.

Star Wars: The High Republic Release Schedule

How will the Leveler’s legacy bleed into other eras of Star Wars storytelling? I’m sure Palpatine would want one for Life Day. Let’s hope it gets destroyed in 231 BBY and that’s the end of it. It’s too dangerous to be left alive.

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