September 30, 2023
The Suicide Squad Review

Empire Magazine has treated us to a handful of new images from James Gunn‘s upcoming DC bonanza – The Suicide Squad

With the release of The Suicide Squad drawing near, Empire Magazine has shared a few new images from James Gunn’s DC blockbuster. The first image shows Bloodsport (Idris Elba) with his helmet on as Peacemaker (John Cena) raises his weapon.

Empire The Suicide Squad

The second image reveals several members of “The Squad” including Harley Quinn and King Shark looking to the sky. Obviously mesmerized by the sudden appearance of a humungous starfish. Enter Starro!

Empire The Suicide Squad

And if that isn’t enough to have you reaching for your confetti canon; Empire also dropped a new image from the upcoming Peacemaker TV spin-off.

Empire Peacemaker

Stopping by for a chat, director James Gunn had this to say about the project:

“Peacemaker has a clear set of ideals that I find really interesting. You know: ‘I want peace no matter how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.’ Sounds like nonsense, but it also makes a lot of sense. And you see in John’s performance how he does not feel good about it – something I thought was the seed of an entire eight-episode show.”

Peacemaker star John Cena added:

“This guy is a loud, obnoxious, bro-ey douchebag,. That sucks. But why? At what point did he become such a douchebag and what does that mean? There’s a lot to dive into there.”

John Cena as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is due to hit theaters and HBO Max on Aug. 6, 2021, in the U.S. But the DC blockbuster will land in the U.K. cinemas on July 30.

Are you excited about James Gunn’s balls to the wall blockbuster? Leave a comment in the section below. We love hearing your thoughts.

Source: Empire

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