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Does Loki and Sylvie‘s relationship really work? Annlyel explores the love affair between the Loki variants!

Yes, Loki has surprised us all with a love story we didn’t see coming. He was tasked by the TVA to hunt down a Loki variant, turns out the variant was a woman, and together they formed a nexus event that nearly brought the whole TVA to its knees.

Loki Episode 3

Last week, Twitter was abuzz with a conversation about the newest episode. But a major consensus among many fans was that the idea of Loki falling in love with Sylvie was disgusting.  I, for one, thought it was a brilliant choice of a love story for Loki because, well, he’s not the kind of guy who just falls for someone. But it dawned on me. It’s not even as weird as it seems! Here’s why.


Three years we got a groundbreaking animated superhero film called Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In that movie, we were introduced to seven different versions of Spider-Man. Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Peter B. Parker, Peter Porker, Peni Parker, Peter Parker (Spider-Man Noir), and Gwen Stacy.

Each character was a Spider-person. Every character lost an uncle in some sort of way, in Gwen Stacy’s case, it was her best friend. Each had an Aunt May except for Miles. And each character was either bitten by a radioactive spider, a radioactive pig, and in Peni’s case, she had a super-intelligent spider that helped control her robot. Every one of these characters was similar. In Peter and Peter B. Parker’s case, they were practically identical except for their hair colors and body shapes. But each character was unique in their own little way.


Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy even started to like one another but I heard no cries of outrage from the fandom because they seemed different enough where no one cared.

It’s the same thing for Loki. We have now learned that there are tons of Loki variants, some similar, some completely different looking. But they all have something in common; they’re mischievous former Asgardians who did something wrong and ended up in the TVA.

Sylvie isn’t Loki and Loki isn’t Sylvie. The writers have made that very clear since the third episode as they continued to distinguish the two apart as much as possible. And yet, they never hid from the fact that they are variants of the same being. So their similarities are what makes them such a powerful duo.

Need a couple of more examples on why their love story is totally warranted and not that weird? Well, I’m here to help because the finale may officially make Loki and Sylvie a romantic couple…if you get my drift. 😉

Loki and Sylvie


Imagine if there was a variant of Black Widow who was played by Emily Blunt. They would both have been raised in the Red Room and then converted to S.H.I.E.L.D. But maybe Blunt’s version isn’t just friends with Hawkeye. What if, like the comics, she and Hawkeye are lovers? Or what if there was a male version of Black Widow played by…Timothee Chalamet? (Ooh, that’s a vision.) Are we supposed to assume that he’s going to be the same as Scarlett Johansson’s interpretation of the character? I don’t think so.

Or what if there was a Batman movie featuring every live-action Batman there has ever been? Yes, they all dress up as a bat, some versions have even fought different variations of the same villains. But no Batman is alike. That has been made clear over the past three decades.

Batman 1989


So there. Loki and Sylvie can be in love. Yes, they are a Loki variant. Yes, they are similar. And yes, they may have the same abilities, an affinity for the color green, or a love for horned headgear. But no, they are NOT the same people. They’re just like Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. And in the comics, they got married. 😳

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