December 8, 2023
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 12) 'Rescue On Ryloth'

Rescue on Ryloth finds The Bad Batch back on Crosshairs watchlist. But it’s Omega and Hera‘s relationship that shines through!

Rescue on Ryloth was a surprisingly excellent episode for The Bad Batch, despite starting with the old rescue mission plot formula. Cham Syndulla and his wife have been arrested for the attempted assassination of Senator Orn Fre Taa.

The Bad Batch - Rescue On Ryloth


Taa didn’t die, so there isn’t a continuity error (as he appears in Lords of the Sith). And Admiral Rampart set it up to find an excuse to arrest Cham. The people listen and love him, so the Empire needs to silence him. Hera and Chopper are on their own, and Hera has nobody else left to turn to. Except Clone Force 99. Hera had formed a bond with Omega, and desperate, she calls them. I like how Hera’s fear and ineptitude at flying and fighting, shows how far she will progress towards adulthood in Rebels. She grows up to be a fearless pilot warrior, but starts out as a scared little girl but with tons of spirit and spunk. Chopper is the same. A little homicidal maniac hero with many programming quirks. I enjoyed seeing him in action again.

Rescue On Ryloth - Omega and Hera


When Clone Force 99 arrives, Hunter almost walks out on Hera, and it’s nerve-racking. I love my parents, and if they were in danger and the one person I could turn to copped out; I would be beyond inconsolable. Luckily, Omega is there to buffer Hera and they hatch a plan to rescue Cham and Ereti.

Review Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 12: Rescue On Ryloth)

Admiral Rampart is a pompous, cold-hearted jerk and likely to be the main enemy as this season wraps up. And he commands Crosshair who is emotionless and calculating, desiring nothing more than to hunt down and kill his former teammates. He is a nasty piece of work. However, the real star of today’s show was Clone Captain Howzer.

Review Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 12: Rescue On Ryloth)


Howzer was very close to Cham and is conflicted with carrying out the Empire’s tyrannical orders. I admire his bravery in speaking out against something he knows he’s wrong. And it’s quite remarkable considering he was programmed from birth to obey every order given to him. The rescue plan was pretty standard, nothing special. But while this show may have a dull exterior, all the pieces are there. And it’s fun to see the evolution of what will eventually be the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Howzer


Saw Gerrara, Cham Syndulla, Senator Singh. They are all the forerunners of the Rebellion, and their stories should be magnified and displayed for all to see. Omega and Hera get along famously, and who knows? Maybe their paths will cross again someday. I have a hunch it will.

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