January 30, 2023
Aladdin I Heart Revolution Featured

Darcie discovers the Revolution Beauty X collection and immerses herself in the sensational new make-up line dedicated to Disney’s Aladdin

I Heart Revolution Beauty has once again expanded its Disney range. The focus of this new I Heart Revolution collection is Princess Jasmine, Jasmine joins Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, and Ariel all of whom already have their inspired makeup ranges. The Jasmine collection features three items, a fairy-tale books palette, a highlighter, and a lip topper.

Aladdin Featured


The Fairy-tale palette is just as impressive as the previous editions. The Jasmine one features 18 eyeshadows, 3 matt blushers, and 3 highlighters. All of which are encased in a turquoise palette that features a portrait of Jasmine and some stunning gold framing. The shadows range from reds to blues and yellows, with a few nude shades. The shadows come in both matte and shimmers which are perfect for all sorts of looks. The names of the shades also link to the movie with cute names such as: ‘magic carpet’, ‘magic lamp’, ‘Genie’, ‘time to fly’ and ‘Agrabah’. This is a really beautiful palette filled with highly pigmented shades that are perfect to turn you into a real-life Disney Princess.

I Heart Revolution Fairytale Palette


The highlighter comes in the same turquoise packaging and features a soft highlighter that will give you a shimmering rose gold effect. The Highlighter is embossed with the Genies magic lamp for a magical look. Inside the packaging are the words ‘A whole new world’ which is a cute little feature that will make you remember the song of the same name every time you use this highlighter.

I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books Lip Topper Genie

The gloss tip topper is probably the prettiest shade I have ever seen. This is a non-sticky lip gloss with pearlescent blue sparkles. It looks just like Jasmine’s famed costume and Genie’s blue skin. This could be worn with a lip color or alone for a magical look.

I Heart Revolution Jasmin


Overall, another fantastic collection that captivates the magic of Aladdin. These highly pigmented colors will help you bring a wide range of looks to life. The prices range from £5.00 to £15.00 which is once again incredibly reasonable.

Explore the whole Revolution Beauty X Disney Aladdin collection here.

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