Loki | What Happens to Sylvie Now?

What will become of Sylvie in the wake of the Loki season finale?

Loki is over (🙁) and that means it’s time to look ahead. While I am excited to start focusing on other MCU entries like What If…? and Hawkeye, I still can’t get the finale of Loki out of my head. There is so much potential for the series’ second season. But most importantly, it means we’ll get to learn more about Sylvie as she takes this next step of her journey. But what will this next step even look like?

Well, let’s evaluate how her story progressed in this first season of Loki.

Her years-in-the-making plan to kill the people that had ruined her life, the Time Keepers, was thwarted by Loki who put a major monkey wrench in the system. In her time getting to know Loki she kind of fell in love with him. But she never let her feelings for him sway her from the purpose of her mission. Not even when the fate of the universe was in the balance. But, to complete her mission, she had to let Loki go, knocking him into a completely different timeline.

Loki Episode 3


After killing “He Who Remains” and thus ridding the galaxy of the person who had stolen her life from her, Sylvie has now reached the end of her journey. But if the last shot featuring her was anything to go by she’s anything but happy.

Loki - He Who Remains

She’s now alone on an asteroid at the end of time with no purpose whatsoever. Will she try to find Loki, the only person she’s ever truly loved? Or will she try to right her wrongs by finding Kang the Conqueror and trying to defeat him? Or will she remain at the Citadel at the End of Time? Roaming its desolate halls for the rest of her life. Or until Loki finds a way to get back to her again?


I honestly see Sylvie trying to reclaim the life that was taken from her. Maybe she’ll try to get back to Asgard and find her parents or her brother (or maybe it’s a sister) Thor. Or maybe she’ll do like Loki did in The Avengers and will take a more villainous turn, using her anger and hatred as a crutch to try to become Queen of the Universe.

Loki and Sylvie

As I said, there are a bunch of possibilities moving forward and I cannot wait to see how the writers handle the next phase of Sylvie’s journey.

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