Loki (Episode 6: For All Time Always)

“Loki delivers a sensational finale with some big revelations. The landscape of the MCU will never be the same again!”

Today is the day – it’s the season finale of Loki. The episode is untitled ‘For All Time. Always.’


Episode 5 ended with Loki and Sylvie ready to face whoever is the creator of the TVA. There was one BIG clue in that episode – the castle. It was Kang, the Conqueror all along. He finally makes his debut in the MCU. And what better way than to appear in a series that is about the Multiverse! Actually, it makes perfect sense to have him controlling the flow of time. I love how he is introduced. Comics fans will certainly recognize him because of his costume, of how he acts. Though, at no point in the episode, does he say the name, Kang. Indeed, he only mentions himself as being called a Conqueror.

Jonathan Majors plays Kang, he had already been announced in the role for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. I got to say, he nails it! The way he acts, the way he talks, it’s Kang! He has this ominous presence, he owns every scene. And it’s only one version of the character. We are about to see more versions of him and I am so looking forward to it! I have no doubts Majors is going to be great with these as well.


There is a lot of exposition in this finale because Kang needs to explain to the Lokis why – why the TVA, why controlling time, why removing free will. There is a lot to talk about. So it’s an episode of revelations and setting up for future projects. Those future projects include What If, Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, and Loki season 2. The Multiverse being unleashed changes everything. Indeed, with it comes infinity possibilities.

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The episode is divided into two plotlines. Firstly, Loki and Sylvie are facing Kang. This is the most compelling storyline for me – learning about the Multiverse and just seeing Kang! There is a lot of tension throughout the episode. Indeed, Loki and Sylvie have to decide whether to trust Kang or not. It is difficult because they don’t know him and he doesn’t act so friendly.  Secondly, Mobius is facing Ravonna Renslayer. It’s also interesting and I just love seeing Mobius doing the right thing. But it can’t beat seeing Kang. Though, the Mobius/Ravonna confrontation was long overdue after everything she did. It doesn’t bring closure but it allows Mobius to face her and tell her what he has to say.


As you can expect, with a second season coming the storylines aren’t concluded but opening doors for things to come. It ends with a cliffhanger and it’s a big one. Unlike the finale of WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki doesn’t end in an action-packed episode but with revelations. And I love that.


Loki delivers a sensational finale with some big revelations. Jonathan Majors makes a triumphant debut in the MCU! It has me excited for season 2!

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