Star Wars | 3 Movies Being Released Starting in 2022

Max explores the history of Star Wars and looks ahead to the future of the saga. What will the next era look like?

Due to my organized nature, I often like to put certain years into different eras. Here’s how I envision Star Wars Eras from 1977-2021

Era 1: Adventures of Luke Skywalker era (1976-1977)

This is the precursor era to the beginning of Star Wars when Darth was still Vader’s first name and Obi-Wan was in his late 80’s. George was still working the bugs out of his storyline and the whole franchise had a fresh new car smell.

A New Hope 1977

Era 2: Phenomenon era (1978-1983)

This is probably the most memorable era in Star Wars history as fans became fangs and they waited every 3 years, drooling with anticipation for the next installment.

Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Era 3: The Dark Times (1984-1991)

Star Wars essentially “ended” as the movie trilogy was done and another trilogy was at the time unthinkable. Star Wars only survived as a West End Games RPG and it seems the fire had gone out. That is until one man was brave enough to resurrect it.

Star Wars | 3 Movies Being Released Starting in 2022

Era 4: Literature Renaissance era (1991-1999)

Timothy Zahn wrote the Heir to the Empire series in 1991 and breathed life into a dead franchise by continuing the story and creating one of the most beloved non-movie Star Wars characters of all time; Grand Admiral Thrawn. For the following 8 years, some of the very best Star Wars literature was produced and Star Wars had more books than movies!

Star Wars The Thrawn Trilogy

Era 5: The Prequel Era (1999-2005)

George Lucas returns and tells Anakin’s origin story. Many people in my age group will tout this as the beginning of their Star Wars.

The Phantom Menace (1999)

Era 6: Uncertain era (2005-2008)

The movies ended again. What would fans do? Would there be another Dark Time? Keep calm and carry on. Star Wars novels were still produced every month and die-hard fans didn’t even notice a change.

Era 7: Clone Wars era (2008-2012)

Dave Filoni emerges on the scene and creates the groundbreaking Clone Wars 3D animation TV show. This is where a chasm forms among fans and polarized the franchise. Star Wars is regarded as not having the same luster and nobody had a clue where it would go next.


Era 8: Early Disney era (2012-2015)

Disney buys Star Wars from George Lucas for a cool 4 billion. They announce a sequel trilogy to debut in 2015 and wipe the slate clean in 2014. So much anticipation; but also so much hate.

Kylo Interrogates Rey - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Era 9: Movie Era (2015-2019)

So many movies. Forget the 3-year wait. Disney is booming with tons of success despite many fans jumping ship. Canon and Legends is the dividing factor and Disney seems unstoppable until it hits a wall with the Han Solo movie in 2018.

Solo A Star Wars Story - Han and Chewie

Era 10: Streaming Wars era (2019-???)

Star Wars moves back to the small screen but in the futuristic medium of online streaming shows. The Mandalorian sets a new standard for everything and essentially saves Star Wars. Until at least 2023; Star Wars will be all about streaming TV shows and will have tough shoes to fill with The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 – 008
The Mandalorian Chapter 14 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

What will future Star Wars Eras look like after The Mandalorian? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of the saga.



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