The Bad Batch Guy Shield Poster

Feast your eyes on this sensational new poster of The Bad Batch designed by Melbourne-based artist Guy Shield

With The Bad Batch coming to an end last Friday; one can be forgiven for thinking the weekly poster release was a thing of the past. But thankfully, you’d be dead wrong. To commemorate the end of the impressive debut season, Lucasfilm has shared a glorious new poster. And this one is a doozy!

The magnificent one-sheet has been designed by Melbourne-based artist Guy Shield. And it depicts Clone Force 99 surrounded by the additional co-stars and guest stars of what was an unmissable season. Check it out below:

The Bad Batch Poster Guy Shield


This poster is glorious, and it easily captures the majesty of what was a great series. Thankfully the adventures will continue into season two with the Empire’s cloning program coming into play. How will that affect the storylines of the wider saga remains to be seen. But either way, The Bad Batch season two is shaping up to be another wonderful addition to the GFFA!

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Source: Disney Plus


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