Emma Stone‘s breathtaking performance is one of the shining stars of Disney’s Cruella. And it hits Disney Plus tomorrow!

In case you missed it, Cruella was the surprise Disney hit of the early blockbuster season. It was a shockingly delectable origin story for the Queen of Meanwhile managing to add a delightful empathetic twist for the character so you kind of root for her as she faces a character even more despicable than her, at least for now.


And now that movie is coming to Disney+ for all subscribers this Friday. It’ll be exciting to see new viewers experience the film’s twists and turns for the first time. It’ll also give me an excuse to watch it again for the third time. Until then, here’s my review of one of Disney’s greatest live-action remakes.

Cruella Poster


Emma Stone’s instantly likable take on Cruella was the first step in the right direction for this story. But she’s not the only thing that ultimately made this film a success; Emma Thompson’s Baroness is an impeccably snobbish antagonist who you love to hate, the fashion is topnotch and deserving of an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design, the soundtrack is the best I’ve heard since the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and the primary plot twist of the film really brings the movie together in a nice way. It’s a treat!


But, if you’re looking for Cruella to be as wicked as we know her to be, Disney slightly shies away from that side of her but don’t worry. We’ll get there in the sequel.

Disney’s Cruella is available to stream on Disney Plus from tomorrow. 


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