Kyoto Animation unveils a second trailer for Free! The Final Stroke Part 1!

Originally planned for August 19, the new trailer was then delayed to a later date. That date is finally today!

The trailer mostly showcases Haruka, Rin and Ikuya as they prepare for the world stage in Sydney facing the champion Albert and the vicious Kaede. We also get a small glimpse at Makoto, Nagisa, Rei and the some of other characters.

New stills and a synopsis were also revealed! Check out the images in our gallery below:


This is roughly translated from Japanese to English.

Haruka Nanase’s new stage for the world is Sydney, a dreamful place he visited once. One day, while taking a short break before leaving, Haruka unexpectedly runs into a swimmer who took part in the All Japan Championship, he is ready to show his determination and courage. Haruka takes his first step into a brand new world as the feelings of his friends with whom he swam together fill his heart.

The world champion Albert Volandel awaits him there. The swimmers are motivated for the competition ahead in Sydney.

What are they feeling? And what are they swimming for while competing on the world stage? Their fierce battle with the water begins here!

Free! The Final Stroke Part 1 will be released in Japan on September 17. An international date hasn’t been announced yet.


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