January 31, 2023
Star Wars: The High Republic - Starlight: Past Mistakes Part 1

Max explores the latest Star Wars: The High Republic short story found within the pages of Star Wars Insider

Star Wars Insider 205 continues the new reinvigorated tradition of short stories with another The High Republic tie-in by Cavan Scott.


It has quickly become obvious that most of these tales detail the short adventures of Velko Jahen. A Soikan woman who has been appointed the administrator of Starlight Beacon. Unfortunately, Jahen is constantly fielding problems on the station. Today’s problem comes in the form of an old flame – a Vuman named Vane Sarpo.

Starlight Beacon

Sarpo is quite an annoying pompous pain in the butt, and Velko saves him from being ripped in two by the Trandoshan Jedi, Skrrr. Skrr is quite an anomaly in this era of The High Republic Jedi. Indeed, his anger is very present. And I find it a little refreshing to see a non-hypocritical type of Jedi. Contrarily, many of his peers suppress emotion but only when it suits their image. Skrr is angry that this Vane clown is selling figures of Jedi Master Avar Kiss, the hero of Hetzal. He finds this to be inappropriate to sell on Starlight Beacon. He wants them out now. I honestly, don’t see the problem with this. But I also do agree that Jedi are not celebrities and should not be emulated as such. So I’m torn here.

avar kriss - the high republic


Vane kinda reminds me of that pompous nut from the very last Legends book that was released in 2014. I forget the name of the character, but he was very flamboyant like Vane and Han found him to be very annoying. I’m not a huge fan of casual sex in Star Wars. I’ve said it before when reading Cavan’s novel The Rising Storm. And it is heavily implied that Vane and Velko are friends with benefits and perhaps may resume these benefits after being reunited on Starlight. It just doesn’t fit in Star Wars for me (except when Lando compliments a woman or when Han bares his crooked pirate grin). I feel the stories should just briefly imply sex, instead of bringing it out like Cavan and Claudia Gray like to do.

The High Republic - The Rising Storm

It’s even more annoying when Velko gets jealous when Vane checks out a Zeltron woman in a bar. For those of you, familiar with Delilah Blue from Legends, yes, Zeltron women are quite attractive. Yet, this isn’t a good impetus for a story; getting jealous of another person at a bar and just doesn’t feel like Star Wars to me. I may be a prude, but I believe I have a point. Vane is as VEIN as you can get, and I did not enjoy his character so I have to give Cavan credit for writing such an obnoxious character.

Star Wars The High Republic


Like all of the stories, it has a Part 2 which will be published in Insider 206 at the end of October. Unexpected developments at the cliffhanger do make me want to read it, and I encourage everyone to subscribe to Star Wars Insider magazine and read it as well.

Star Wars Insider is published by Titan Magazines. It’s the best place for exclusive Star Wars content and interviews. I recommend subscribing to it! Insider 205 is now on newsstands.


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