September 22, 2023
What If Episode 8 Review

“The penultimate episode of What If…? is an explosive and devastating episode setting things up for the finale.”

It’s time for our weekly dose of Marvel with What If…? This week is the first part of the season finale. The episode is entitled “What If… Ultron Won?


Last week’s episode ended with Ultron arriving on Party Thor’s Earth. This week is all about him. After only one episode, I can say that he’s definitely the most terrifying villain in the MCU. Ultron in the body of Vision with all the Infinity stones is as deadly as it gets. I wasn’t prepared for this episode and how devastating it would be!

Hawkeye and Black Widow are also working together to find a way to stop Ultron. No matter the universe, they’re always a team! It’s just good to see these two working together again. It’s probably one of the last times it happens since Natasha died in the main universe. So I enjoyed every minute of it! Plus, I loved their post-apocalyptic outfits!


Since the beginning of the series, it felt like an anthology with each episode telling a different story. With this one, it’s all starting to come together. Indeed, it’s not just isolated stories but there’s a bigger picture.

Moreover, The Watcher is having a lot of screentime in this episode. He actually does more than just watching. The Party Thor vs Captain Marvel fight was absolutely impressive. Though, The Watcher vs Ultron is even more impressive! It does feel like a Dragon Ball fight but only better. Throughout the series, The Watcher had refused to intervene letting universes fall. You can clearly see it affected him. So I find it quite intriguing to see things changing. Every bit of story in this episode sets things up for next week’s finale. I think we can expect an epic MCU-style episode!


This is an explosive and devastating episode setting things up for the finale.

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus NOW!

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