What If...? (Episode 7)

“This is a fun and light-hearted episode of What If…? featuring an awesome fight between Captain Marvel and Thor!”

It’s time for our weekly dose of Marvel with What If…? This week’s episode is untitled What If … Thor Were An Only Child?


After a few weeks of dark episodes, this week is going with a more light-hearted tone. Thor as an only child is even less responsible than normal Thor. Indeed, he spends his time partying. And he comes to Earth to bring the biggest party this planet has ever seen.

This episode features a lot of cameos from the whole MCU – there are Guardians of the Galaxy, the SHIELD, characters from the Thor movies. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a proper party without The Grandmaster and Howard The Duck.

For the most part, this episode is a lot of silly fun. However, the most interesting part is the return of Jane Foster, Maria Hill, and Captain Marvel. It felt great to see these three again and even more so seeing them interacting together! Furthermore, Captain Marvel gets an awesome fight with Thor. I think since Avengers Endgame, we were all waiting for this to happen! And obviously, Carol proves once again why she is the strongest Avengers. At one point, she even absorbs the lightning Thor sends her and it’s as badass as she gets!

Beyond all the fun, the ending is preparing us for the final two episodes and it’s going to be big!


Most of the cast is reprising their roles. Seeing Jane Foster again was great but it was even better hearing Natalie Portman voicing her once again! I’m disappointed that Brie Larson didn’t return to voice her character though. Last week, Tony’s voice worked just fine despite not having Robert Downey Jr. voicing him. However, for Captain Marvel, it wasn’t the same. You could tell that Alexandra Daniels was doing her best to imitate Brie’s voice but it just didn’t work.


This show has striking visuals and continues to impress me every week. What they have done for the fight scene is spectacular! The whole sequence felt like it was taken out of a movie.


This is a fun and light-hearted episode featuring an awesome fight between Captain Marvel and Thor!

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus NOW!

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