September 30, 2023
Iron Studios What If...? Zombie Captain America

Make space on your collection shelf because Iron Studios is bringing us the ultimate What If…? Zombie Captain America statue

Make room on your collection shelf because Iron Studios has announced the ultimate What If…? Zombie Captain America statue. The zombified Steve Rogers made a spectacular debut during the ‘What If… Zombies?’ episode when he attempted to eat Bucky Barnes. And even though the end result was Cap being cut in half by his former best friend, the Zombie Cap made one helluva impression. And thankfully, Iron Studios felt the same way!

The spectacular-looking new statue has been cast in polystone and stands at an impressive 8.5″ tall. Granted, some of the size is thanks to the themed base, but that doesn’t take anything away from the visible impact this statue has.

What If...? Zombie Captain America


Iron Studios presents the Captain America Zombie statue from What If…?

Dragging its left leg because of its fractured ankle, the decrepit creature, once the first avenger, walks forward on the metal floor of a train car, hungry and in search of its next prey. Although it’s roaring like a primal predator, what little fighting instinct is left in his memory from when he was still alive, plus the super-soldier serum that remains in his body makes him even more dangerous and lethal. Even as a zombie, the creature still knows how to use its legendary shield. In this way, Iron Studios presents its statue “Zombie Captain America – What If…? – Art Scale 1/10”, derived from the Marvel Studios animated series from the Disney+ streaming.

What If...? Zombie Captain America


Based on the comic book series “What If…?”, the fourth MCU television series, as well as the comics, explores how the Marvel Universe might have unfolded if, at certain key moments in its history, something had happened differently. Narrated by the cosmic being known as The Watcher, each episode refers to an alternate reality of a multiverse. With a slant to acid humor, the fifth episode of the series called “What If… Zombies!?” features a group of surviving heroes who face a zombie apocalypse caused by Dr. Hank Pym. After traveling to the Quantum Realm in search of his lost wife, Dr. Hank Pym meets Janet van Dyne, who, in this reality, has contracted a quantum virus that has corrupted her brain and turned her into a cannibalistic undead creature.

She then infects Pym, who upon returning to his reality, spreads the virus around the world. The series stars characters such as Bruce Banner (Hulk), Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), Happy Hogan, Sharon Carter, Okoye, and Kurt (former partner of Scott Lang on robberies). One of the most iconic moments of the episode is Bucky’s confrontation with his old friend and partner, Steve Rogers, in the form of Captain America Zombie, in a train car.

What If...? Zombie Captain America


Already available for Pre-Order, Zombie Captain America is Iron Studios’ first statue derived from What If…?. Revealed in the fourth edition of the Inside Iron Studios Day monthly virtual event, we ask you: what would happen if more news were released in the future? Find out this and much more by following Iron Studios’ social media!


– Limited edition
– Based on original references
– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal, and fabric)
– Hand-painted
– Product dimensions: 8.6 in (H) x 5.9 in (W) x 5.9 in (D)
– Product Weight: 1.8 lbs
– MSRP: USD $139.99 (American US Dollars)
– Release schedule: Third quarter of 2022


The statue is expected to release in the third quarter of 2022 and will set you back a handsome $139.99. But that will be a  small price to pay to have this statue on your collection shelf. Pre-orders are already open from Iron Studios’ official website so click this link and head over to secure yours.

Are you looking to add this statue to your collection? Leave a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear all about it!



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