Disney nuiMOs The Nightmare Before Christmas Collection

Get your Halloween celebrations off to a scary start with the new Disney nuiMOs Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Spooky season is upon us which means Disney has added two new nuiMOs characters to the collection! And just in time for Halloween! The Nightmare Before Christmas favorites Sally and Jack Skellington have arrived to give us all a mild scare. I was getting so worried the release on these characters had been delayed, but it looks as though it is just the matching outfits that have yet to arrive on Shop Disney UK. Jack and Sally have to be my favorite additions to the nuiMO collection so far! Both Jack and Sally are fully poseable, freestanding, and come with magnetic hands.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Jack comes in his iconic striped suit, complete with the spikey bold bow tie. He also wears shinny, non-removable shoes. The suit jacket can be opened to reveal a white t-shirt. This t-shirt can be customized with a letter, for that personalized feel. His face is embroidered, which is fantastic. Jack the pumpkin king would be the perfect addition to anyone’s Halloween collection.

Disney Store Jack Skellington nuiMOs Small Soft Toy


Sally is similarly well designed. Her face embroidered, the iconic stitches on her skin featured. Her long red hair looks great. Sally also wears her movie outfit – the patchwork dress, featuring Tim Burton swirls, stripes and dots. The dress is removable, so you can dress Sally in any of the nuiMO outfits. Her shoes like Jack’s are shiny black and sown on.

Disney Store Sally nuiMOs Small Soft Toy


I am so happy with both of these nuiMO characters, They really capture the look of the classic movie characters. They add a little bit of spookiness to the Disney nuiMOs collection which is fantastic! Hopefully, their outfit collection will arrive soon.

Explore the full collection of Disney nuiMOs characters and outfits here. And be sure to check out our article on the new October collection.


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