October's Disney nuiMOs Collection Brings A Happy Ending!

October’s Disney nuiMOs collection has arrived and Darcie is on hand with her top fashion tips to keep Jasmine and Rapunzel looking fabulous!

Disney nuiMOs releases have been rather sporadic and a little disappointing over recent months. But things are looking up for the collection! With multiple new outfits,  accessories, and new characters all available on Shop Disney UK. There is one disappointing bit of news however, the Sally and Jack skeleton characters are not yet available, but I hold out hope they will be released in the UK before Halloween. Nevertheless, there are lots of exciting items including the Disney World 5oth anniversary collection which features nine outfits. There are also two new characters: Jasmine and Rapunzel, three accessories, and six new outfits as well as spirit jerseys.

50th Anniversary collection

Let’s start with the actual Disney nuiMOs October collection (I was so hoping for a Halloween costume collection, but the 5oth collection is cute). The outfits include A tutu skirt with a Tank top and a Shawl, the top features an image of the Walt Disney World Castle. The celebration dress and headband outfit features a mid-length dress with blue ears and a gold bow, to match ears you can buy at the parks.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Celebration Dress With Blue Bow

Next, we have the celebration print shirt, blue trousers, and Mickey ears hat, the shirt matches the celebration dress perfectly. The hooded sweatshirt, tracksuit bottoms outfit comes with a cute backpack, that can be opened. Next, we have a second celebration dress, with a full skirt and puff sleeves, this dress comes with a bow. The jacket and trousers set come complete with the same tank top as the tutu outfit – once again matching. We also have a trainers and mini purse with Minnie Mouse ears and bow. All of these outfits are in shades of blue and purple with hints of gold, to match the celebration colors.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Celebration Jacket, T-Shirt and Trousers

There are two final outfits in the 50th-anniversary collection, but these have a different more vintage look. The first is a blue set, that features a top with Mickey Mouse on it, with the words Walt Disney World. The trousers are a jogging bottom in blue and feature an image of the castle. The second outfit features yellow jogging bottoms and a top with an image of Walt Disney World. These are sweet vintage looks, with a very casual vibe.

Disney Store Rapunzel nuiMOs Small Soft Toy

Rapunzel and Jasmine

Both dolls, like previous Disney nuiMOs characters, come with magnetic hands, so they can hold hands or high-five other characters. They are fully posable and stand unsupported. Jasmine features an embroidered face, with her signature black hair and headband. She wears her signature earrings and gold shoes, both of which are not removable. But her iconic blue crop top and trousers are removable, so you can change her outfits.  Rapunzel also features an embroidered face, although the shape of her head and hair are a little strangely shaped. Rapunzel comes with her iconic hair, all tied up with flower details. Her dress is removable so she can be dressed in any of the fantastic nuiMO outfits.


There are three new accessories online all of which will add style to your nuiMOs. The first is a Disney parks foodprint backpack. If you are a fan of the snacks at the Disney Parks then this bag is for your nuiMO. It features Micky Waffles, cookies, ice cream, pizza and so much more. It also has the Loungefly branding. Secondly, we have the ice cream bucket, which is inspired by Mickey’s iconic shorts and features two scoops of ice cream. The bucket is magnetic, which means your nuiMO can hold it! Thirdly we have some headphones, these are white with the nuiMO branding on. These are a great alternative to hats or bows, however, they are a little pricey for what they are.

Loungefly nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Disney Parks Food Print Backpack

Other New Outfits

The new outfits are a onesie with slippers – covered in an avocado print. A sushi-covered pajamas set complete with facemask. A brown trench coat, with a cream sweater and black trousers. A patterned sweater dress complete with a burgundy hat and checked scarf. A beige hooded sweatshirt with a white jacket and cream trousers.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Hooded Sweatshirt With Tracksuit Bottoms and Backpack

And finally, A plaid shirt, black corduroy jacket, and blue trousers set. These outfits certainly feel like they are from different collections but all are cute. To round off all the new items with have the spirit jerseys. These are in Mint green and look like sweater dresses. There are two designs one that says ‘Disney’ and one that says ‘London’.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Mint Spirit Jersey


Overall, the new additions add a huge range of choices to the nuiMO collection. Sadly the monthly themed collections seem to have come to an end, with items being released all over the place and often not in matching themes. Nonetheless, this is still one of the cutest, customizable collections I have ever seen. I will certainly be picking up one of the 50th Celebration looks for my Daisy nuiMO.

Disney Store Daisy Duck nuiMOs Small Soft Toy

3 for 2

Good news. All of the nuiMO items are currently 3 for 2 including all of the products in this post – ends 02/01/2022.

Will you be adding any of these awesome new additions to your collection? Leave a comment below. We love hearing about your nuiMOs adventures!


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