Bring Home The Bounty

The Star Wars merchandise cargo hold is opening again with Hasbro’s Vintage Collection Ahsoka Tano and The Client from The Mandalorian

Each and every week leading up to the premiere of The Book Of Boba Fett Star Wars: Bring Home The Bounty is launching a string of new products to tantalize us. Last weekend’s Hasbro Pulse Con delivered a wealth of incredible new action figures coming to The Black Series and The Vintage Collection. But today’s drop eclipses that and dials the excitement to eleven.

Bring Home The Bounty


Fans of The Mandalorian are in for a treat because Hasbro has finally revealed Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano figure. The figure is currently only being released as a part of The Vintage Collection. But hopefully, a 6″ Black Series version won’t be too far behind.

The Vintage Collection Ahsoka Tano


But the fun doesn’t end there because the coming soon section on has listed a 3.75″ Death Watch Mandalorian figure alongside a 6″ Black Series figure of The Client.

The Black Series The Client

These figures are expected to be available to pre-order tomorrow. But check back regularly for the latest updates and pre-order links.


Alongside these wonderful additions to the action figure collection; the homepage also confirmed that Boba Fett is joining Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes. The bounty hunter, as he appeared in The Mandalorian after recovering his armor, rockets into the popular mobile game.

And just when you thought “Bring Home The Bounty” couldn’t get any better, Hot Toys showcased their stunning new Bo-Katan Kryze figure. The figure is based on her appearance in The Mandalorian‘s glorious second season when Katee Sackhoff slipped into the iconic armor.

Bo-Katan Hot Toys

And rounding off today’s big reveal is a new Padmé Amidala t-shirt from Tee Turtle.

Will you be adding any of these awesome new collectibles to your collection? Drop a comment below. We love hearing from you.


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