September 27, 2023
Hot Toys The Armorer The Mandalorian

Thomas Storai says The Armorer from the Hot Toys collection is another sensational addition to The Mandalorian collection

The Armorer is the latest Mandalorian to join the ranks of the Hot Toys Star Wars line! But was it worth the wait?


The box has the usual Star Wars box design – a black box with a picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. The Hot Toys figures from The Mandalorian have an orange/brown colored strip as well. This one is an exclusive so it has a sticker on it. If you ordered it at Sideshow Collectibles, you’ll have the Sideshow exclusive sticker. Though, if you order it from Hong Kong or other Asian countries, you will have the Hot Toys exclusive sticker as I have.


For the accessories, this figure comes with interchangeable hands, some tools, Mando’s chest place, a piece of beskar, a display base, and a background. The background is a piece of cardboard that represents The Armorer’s closet in which she keeps all her tools. It is without any doubt the best background I have seen from Hot Toys. And, it’s one I will use for my display. You can either have it closed or opened, both look great! As for the tools, they’re blacksmith tools so they’re quite big. Each has been painted with metallic paint, some of the tools have a darker metallic paint than others.

As for the display base, it’s a simple but nice one. It’s a grid painted in brown, giving it a rusty effect. The stand is a waist-grabber instead of a crotch one. The Armorer has a faux leather skirt which prevents the use of a crotch-grabber.


This is a fantastic figure. As a big fan of The Mandalorian, I have been waiting for this one! This character has quite a unique look and Hot Toys has done a great job recreating it! They used faux leather for the skirt which looks beautiful! The armor pieces are made of plastic along with the gloves while the rest of the suit is made of fabric. Though for the boots, Hot Toys used a mixture of plastic and faux leather. It does look weird and I would have preferred boots that either used one or the other.

As for the fur, it’s fake fur and not plastic. Although I prefer sculpted hair to rooted hair, when fur is part of an outfit, I do prefer if it’s fake fur rather than sculpted. Since it’s sculpted, you have to be careful when handling the figure.

The paint app on the armor parts is really good. It’s metallic paint but not a shiny one, it’s soberer. That’s exactly how she is in the series! This figure has over 30 points of articulation. The faux leather skirt does limit the leg articulation range but it’s not a problem.


A great new addition to The Mandalorian collection.

The Hot Toys Armorer figure is currently available to order from Sideshow Collectibles. Order yours here.

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